New Version of Flash Player 10.1 Beta for Android 2.2

Flash player is used among all the popular web applications nowadays and good news to hear is that a newer version of flash player 10.1 is available in the market. Flash Player 10.1 if installed on the Froyo update for Nexus one then it increases the speed of that device as compared to older versions […]

WordPress 3.0 first release candidate (RC1) – A major breakthrough!

The first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 3.0 has been launched by wordpress. This means that the final version is near to be released.Until then it is not advised to use the release candidate on live production site, rather run it on a test server or domain and confirm if your website and configuration works […]

List of Banned Websites in Pakistan on 20th May 2010

Various websites has been banned in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently on 19th and 20th May 2010 for the undefined period of time until further notice. they include: – for anti Islam videos and videos breaking their own Term of Service – for letting Everyone Draw Muhammad Day! event to be public […]

Youtube Banned in Pakistan – 20th May 2010

Recently the Pakistan Telecommunication authorities disabled Facebook in Pakistan but now Youtube is also banned in the country. As Facebook was banned due to specific event of drawing the cartoon of Muhammad (peace be upon him), there is no specific event which triggered the blockage of the video sharing website, Youtube in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities […]

Under water Internet Cables crippled near mediterranean

Do you know there is a huge bunch of cables which runs under the see all the way from Asia and middle east to the Europe? Well there is! This main channel got crippled last week of April 2010. One of the underwater cables connecting Asia and Middle east got crippled due to a shunt […]

HTC EVO 4G launching in Summer 2010

HTC EVO 4G is going to be released in summer 2010. The wireless phone is as fast the wired dsl cable connections. The phone is equipped with 4G which means 10 times more speed than its predecessor 3G. It will be fully supporting over 30,000 apps for Android powered phones. Sprint is going to provide […]

Nabtron crossed 1000+ visitors a day

Well! yes! i know . . . ! 1000 visits a day is not a very big number but it is for someone who achieved it for maybe first time on his own blog/site :) I started blogging an year ago then stopped / closed then started fresh and so on until last august when […] now moved to tld finally

After much consideration and discussion with my Nabtron team i finally decided to moved the blog part of Nabtron to the main domain too while conserving the official Nabtron homepage too. Now when you open up you will see the homepage to be explaining about our services of webdevelopment, seo and graphics design and […]

Netfirms Registered Domains down

Today when i tried to open one of my domain registered at netfirms domain registration service, i was pleased to find that it’s down and not opening . . . :@ I tried pinging the domain and there was no ip defined with the domain even [means no name server found associated with the domain] […]

Opera Mini App available for download – Approved by Apple iPhone App store

Opera mini for iPhone was launched couple of weeks ago in march and was awaiting approval by the apple app store and guess what? it has been approved by the Apple Applications store staff. The app will be made available for download from today. To be honest, most of the people were confused if this […]