Amazon aws Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

I haven’t used amazon and its services much, but to be honest, they’re quite confusing! Recently I was “required” to enter my amazon accounts Access key ID and Secret Access Key and was not able to find it very smoothly! I needed them to setup cdn on w3total cache with wordpress – for using amazon […]

Error while connecting to amazon ec2 via ftp – solution

I haven’t used amazon elastic compute cloud (amazon ec2) for my own websites but recently got a project in which the client was hosting his website on amazon servers. Fair enough, I was given the ftp and database access credentials but when I tried logging into ftp using filezilla ftp client I got this error: […]

How to use TeamViewer basics – Beginners guide

TeamViewer is a program to connect PC to other PC. To make it simple, teamviewer is used for: showing your computer screen live in real time to other person (from his computer) allow someone to use and make changes to your computer from his home. Ideal of remote support. file sharing between 2 computers So […]

how to use laptop camera

So you have a builtin camera on your laptop and now want to use it for some cool pictures and making a movie clip? This post will show you how you can use the laptop camera to take snap shots and making videos, and also how to use it as a webcam to chat with […]

New Elements introduced in HTML5

New Elements in HTML5 Internet and the way we use web is not the same as it was a decade ago. The web standards and internet as a whole has changed alot since 1999 when HTML 4.01 was released and made a standard back then. In todays world of internet and markup, there are many […]

Introduction to HTML5

What is HTML? HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. What is HTML5? HTML5 is the next generation of HTML. HTML5 is going to be the new standard not only for HTML , XHTML and the HTML DOM (data object model). HTML5 is still under process of development. HTML5 is supported by most modern internet […]