How to use TeamViewer basics – Beginners guide

TeamViewer is a program to connect PC to other PC. To make it simple, teamviewer is used for:

  • showing your computer screen live in real time to other person (from his computer)
  • allow someone to use and make changes to your computer from his home. Ideal of remote support.
  • file sharing between 2 computers

So lets get started with tutorial on how to use teamviewer for screen sharing and remote assistance.

How to get started with TeamViewer

1. Download teamviewer

Goto and download teamviewer. If your situation is that the other person will access your computer and you don’t need to access his screen, then simply click “Join Session” otherwise click the button “Start Full Version” on homepage. Join session don’t need you to install anything. If you download the full version, either run it or else install it on your computer.

2. Run Teamviewer

Once you have downloaded and installed it, run it. It will show you an ID and PASS. Tell the partner who needs to connect to your computer these id and pass and he will be able to access your computer.

Please note, when someone accesses your computer via teamviewer, whatever he does is visible on your screen, nothing is invisible. And when you don’t want anyone to access your computer, simply press the “x” sign to discontinue the session. The password is generated new every time you connect to internet so you don’t have to worry about unallowed connect.

If you have any questions do let me know!

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