Yii Frequently asked questions

This page lists some frequently encountered questions and issues related to Yii framework (both Yii 1 and Yii2). How to check Yii version number Unfortunately, not all versions of Yii has the same standard method of checking the version of script. Here are couple of methods to be used to get that done. Yii getVersion() […]

How to remove WordPress redirect hack

Recently there have been a massive hack on the internet targeting mainly WordPress websites. The infected site results in a redirect to the hackers website where a robot is shown and so on. Cause of redirect hack The hack infects the sites using two methods: editing php files and adding script tag link to javascript […]

How to add javascript file in WordPress shortcode

WordPress allows us to dynamically change the content of the page or post using short code and their attributes. We can create a shortcode and allow the users to enter any value as attribute, and then use the dynamic value of that attribute as an output for the page. WordPress shortcode for functions.php Add this […]

WordPress Hack Cleanup Service

WordPress is used by a very large number of websites around the globe, and thus it’s also targeted by hackers due to various reasons. At nabtron.com, we provide 100% Hacked WordPress recovery and cleanup service for hacked websites and servers. WordPress Hack Cleanup Service Our service covers all aspects of hacked WordPress website fixes and […]

Virtualmin amazon s3 backup

This article explains how to use amazon s3 bucket as backup service with virtualmin / webmin. How to configure Amazon S3 bucket properly A crucial step in creating amazon s3 bucket is the location. Not all locations support Signature version 2 and thus only a few locations work with virtualmin backup system. Amazon s3 bucket […]

Cloudflare Mailchimp DKIM error

If you’re facing error 1004 on cloudflare while adding the mailchimp DKIM cname, to verify for your domain name, follow this tutorial. When we add the new cname, the “orange cloud” is automatically selected when it’s being added. Uncheck the orange cloud icon and then the add button won’t give error 1004 on cloudflare. There […]

Code Contributions

This page is to list out code contributions by nabtron on various projects managed by other teams. W3 Total Cache – WordPress Plugin Date: 02 August 2019 Issue: WordPress multisite minify url breaks when “rewrite url structure” is turned off. The correct base url wasn’t used. Fix links: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/multisite-on-nginx-single-config-for-all-empty-minified-files-for-subdomains/#post-11792886 https://github.com/W3EDGE/w3-total-cache/commit/83987e57f2da403fbe15fc2da15df691ee195a44

Macbook battery drains on lid down [solved]

I was recently experiencing that my macbook pro was losing its battery, even when the lid was down. I would simply close the lid of my macbook pro when i go to sleep at night. However, it would end up being totally out of charge by the time i wake up! Why did macbook pro […]

The Great Hack – part of propaganda?

Netflix release the documentary named “The Great Hack” on 24th of July, 2019. If you go with the flow, you learn how the propaganda and manipulative digital works is trying to alter your opinion about elections mostly. However, if we pull ourselves back and think about it all, connecting the information that we have from […]

Youtube Monetization not available in your country [Solved]

This post helps fix the issue of youtube monitization not available, even if you are in the country that is eligible for youtube monitization. Scenario Sometimes, when you try to monitize your youtube channel by going to https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization?nv=1, (or monitization page from the youtube studio menu), you might see that the page says that monitization […]