Docker issues & solutions

This post lists several helpful commands to solve common docker issues. The scenario is mainly a docker running in ubuntu 18.04. Docker was giving error 502 after running for some time. So we had to: restart docker by command: service docker restart compose docker image by command: docker-compose start But before doing docker-compose, we have […]

IOS 13 beta 3 released for iPhone 7

Apple just enabled the iOS 13 beta 3 update for iphone 7. It was previously available on other devices except iPhone 7 for last few days. You can simply go to iphone settings > general > software update and you will see the new update there. Let me know if there is any issue or […]

Amazon ses connect failure on cpanel [Solved]

This post solves this problem: One of my client had their website hosted on a third party dedicated server. However they were using amazon SES service for sending emails via SMTP. Everything was working fine until they decided to shift the servers to a new company. Upon shifting the server to a new data center […]

How to reset Virtualmin / webmin root password

This post solves the problem when you have forgotten the root password of webmin or virtualmin and can’t login to the webmin or virtualmin admin panel at all. This process will require ssh access to your server. How to reset virtualmin / webmin root password This example process is tested on a virtual machine hosted […]

AMP Error – boilerplate

This post solves the issue of amp boilerplate tags are malformed: The mandatory text inside tag ‘head > style[amp-boilerplate]’ is missing or incorrect. Cause was: YUI compressor (PHP) for CSS in w3 total cache (instead of default minify compressor). Solution: Change the compressor back to Minify (default), save settings and purge cache. Explanation: The boilerplate […]

Display SKU on product page – OpenCart 3.0.2

This post explains how you can display SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of a product on the frontend of product page in OpenCart 3.0.2. We will be doing this through an ocmod modification that I coded. OCMOD to show OpenCart SKU on product page You can download the OCMOD from: Github: Download the install.xml file […]

Sequence of do_action & add_action using WP hooks

I was trying to hook add_action into one of the plugins do_action, however was not able to get it done until I realized that they have a sequence to be followed! In this post I will give some examples to understand this unexpected behavior and how to make it expected. Wrong way of adding add_action […]

Error: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset [Solved]

If you recently updated your server to PHP 7.3, you might have seen this error message: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset . . . This error is due to update in PHP 7.3 and how it handles regular expressions. Error: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset I encountered […]

WordPress redirect hack [Solved]

This week, a massive hack attempt on numerous wordpress based websites happened. The hack causes your wordpress website to redirect to or any other similar website. This was an interesting find and was due to a zero day exploit in a wordpress plugin. I successfully fixed one of my clients website infected with this […]

How to implement reCaptcha v3

This post explains how to implement the Google reCaptcha v3 easily in your site code. You can use this method or code in any PHP site, including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc. The code consists of three parts: Generate site-key and secret-key from google recaptcha for your site First part of code goes into your form […]