Youtube Monetization not available in your country [Solved]

This post helps fix the issue of youtube monitization not available, even if you are in the country that is eligible for youtube monitization.


Sometimes, when you try to monitize your youtube channel by going to, (or monitization page from the youtube studio menu), you might see that the page says that monitization is not available in your country.

If you’re currently in the country where youtube monitization is available, but you’re still seeing this error that it is not available in your country location like this:

This can be due to the reason that you haven’t selected the country for your youtube channel.

How to select country for your youtube channel

To select the country of your youtube channel from your account, go to this link:

This will show you a list of features to enable or modify for your account channel.

Look for: Monetization and you will see that it says choose your country location.

Choose your country on the next page (or change to your eligible country if currently wrong one is selected) and save the settings.

Now if you go again to the monetization page, it will not say that you’re not eligible, rather the youtube monetization page will now tell your details of how to enable monetization etc.

From here you can do the regular process and enable the monetization on your youtube channel.

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