How to remove WordPress redirect hack

Recently there have been a massive hack on the internet targeting mainly WordPress websites. The infected site results in a redirect to the hackers website where a robot is shown and so on.

Cause of redirect hack

The hack infects the sites using two methods:

  • editing php files and adding script tag link to javascript file

The code added is:

<script type='text/javascript' src=' '></script>
  • editing javascript files and adding injected code to the top of the file

Solution to fix the adsformarket redirect hack

The solution is to simply find the files having the malicious code and then removing it from there, and saving the cleaned file. This will remove the redirect issue from wp-admin, homepage, login page etc.

WP redirect hack fix service

At, we offer WordPress (and other) hacked websites fix and cleanup. You can contact us or comment on this post with your email id if you want us to communicate further for fixing your website.


Malicious JavaScript Used in WP Site/Home URL Redirects

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