How to get WordPress site Indexed in google in less than 12 hours

Well yes! you read it right! its not less than a month, not a week, not a day (24 hour) but its far less than 12 hours!

I created this blog today around 12 hours ago. Made a few quality posts, around 7 and now when i checked the blog at night, it was listed in google! with “”.

Well how do i do that? no dirty tricks or faking needed! Simply read through the following that i naturally did! and you will come to know what to do for your blog!

1. First of all read the article i wrote on 10 things to do as soon as you install WordPress. (also install sitemap plugin after that)

2. I made few random posts on the blog, like welcome post and one more, and thats all. I did not intend to get it indexed in google in less than 24 or 12 hours initially!

3. I added my site to google. Submit it only once! at:

3. I was just in mood so i went to yahoo answers, looked through my favourite Computer and internet section and made a few posts there. One of the post needed some explaination, so instead of explaining the issue there, i wrote an article on it on my blog, gave the basic intro on yahoo answers, and gave my site as the link for source!

4. I got some problem in WordPress directory upload when i was uploading images. I tried solving it and googling for solutions, but i found out that not many people knew how to solve it, and most were doing it really hard way, so i made an article on my blog about fixing the error, and then i gave the brief intro to solution on the wordpress official discussion forum and linked to my site (i got two visits from there in these 12 hours!)

5. Added my blog to google webmasters tool.

6. Added google analytics to the blog.

So! you can see now that doing some simple steps my site got listed in google in less than 12 hours! I read few articles before about listing in google in less than 24 hour! but i think if we properly organize our work properly and follow more proper order, we can get it listed in far less than 12 hour too!

Feel free to share your ideas and experiences here!

4 comments on “How to get WordPress site Indexed in google in less than 12 hours

  1. ya, i think back linking worked alot in this aspect!

    i have noticed that if you just get notified into google and your site have rss feed, then google subscribes to your feed and as soon as their is new post, it shows it in some time

  2. I think the backlinks that you put in yahoo answer and wordpress official discussion made your site indexed fast. Adding your url manually in google I think is not helping, I have done it before but it will take a week before they indexed you. The other trick to get your site index faster is using bookmarking sites whith high PR. Anyway, nice post :)

    1. definitely, having unique content is an important requirement! but you need to have regular postings to keep google visiting your blog every now and then.

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