How to get Higher Adsense Revenue by Increasing CTR(click through rate)

google-adsense-logo-350_0Not all bloggers and webmasters develop and run their sites for earning through Google Adsense or other ads even. Yes! this is true! Then why do they make their site? We have another article for that here:

But for those remaining webmasters, whose purpose of making the website or blog is to earn directly thought it including the ads revenue through various ad programs like Google Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, etc. So in that case, if you are showing the ads on your site, you will try to get higher CTR (Click through rate).

CTR (Click Through Rate) is percentage calculated as the total number of clicks done on your ads; divided by total times the ads get loaded(or simply total page views) multiplied by 100%.

So how do we increase CTR, or to make visitors click MORE on our ads? There is no 1,2,3 rule for that, but some guide lines. Some things didn’t work before, and some are not working anymore and so on. This is all sort of Hit & Trial system. So here are few thins to do to increase your CTR to get higher revenue from your Google Adsense and others.

1. Identify your Objectives:

The first step is to clearly identify your objectives. The clearly outlined objectives of your blog/website and advertising campaign will help you to write optimum content on your site related to those goals. Otherwise if you don’t have any proper direction to follow, then you will just be moving with your site without any proper direction and possibly might waste a lot of time and even then don’t achieve required / expected results. You should preferably decide one niche per domain. It’s not recommended to make blog related to chocolates and programming, for example. So decide your niche, or multiple niches, but don’t just go randomly.

2. Identify your Audience:

It is very important to know who your audience is. Not all type of people click on same ad formats. It’s important to identify the characteristics of those people visiting your site in order to target your advertising aim. It is common that the technology oriented people and the programmers specially don’t click on ads much and not on the banners and side bar ads atleast! where as the people who visit cat or dog’s blogs click on ads a lot! and so on.

3. Research Keywords:

Obviously before your start writing the post on your blog/site, you need to research the keywords effectively. You must know what keywords people are searching for more. Why is that important? well, imagine a scenario in which your post have two keywords more dense than others, keyA and keyB. If the audience is searching for keyA more and comes to your blog post, but your blog post have the keyB density higher in it, the ads shown will be related to keyB, which will ofcourse not interest the visitor, so most likely he will not click on the ads. So niche based keyword search will increase the ctr dramatically as the ads shown will be of the visitors interest.

4.Keywords Matching:

Ok so first of all lets clear this, we are planning to get more clicks on ads along with higher paying ads! So both of these come from Google Adwords(as they are published by the adwords publisher on our site) So we need to understand adwords too to increase our reveneue from the ads on our site/blog. In adwords, there are several type of keywords. They include:

  • keyword broad
  • keyword phrase
  • keyword exact
  • negative keyword

So in order to get maximum paying ads and also most relevant ones, we need to keep in mind all these and try to match our keywords on the page to them. And avoid the possible negative keywords in our posts.

5. Ad block format and placement:

Chose the Google Adsense or other advertising adblock format to suit your website theme and design. Proper placement of the ad block is also important. So which ad block to chose and what should be the placement is hit and trial mainly. Better placement is above, between and after the article and the block be of big size.

6. Customize Font and Color:

When you are placing ads on your page, chose the font and color to blend it with your website/blog theme. Chose the background color same as your post page background. The font color and link color also to match with your website theme too.

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