How to Test / Remove the New Google Search

Google has been working on launching a new design / layout these days. You can test the new layout by turning it on googleby following method and then you can disable/ remove the new google search by the method described later on.

The New Google Search is more colorful and is a really good change after a long time!

How to Enable the New Google Search

To enable the new google search follow this tutorial:

  1. Goto
  2. Once loads, enter the following code into the browser’s address bar / url field:


  3. Press enter.
  4. Refresh the search page and now you will see the New Google Search design layout!

How to Disable / Remove the New Google Search

For any reason if some one wants to remove or disable the New Google Search and goto the old design of the Google search, here is how to revert (there are basically two ways to do it as follows):

    1. First option is the simple one, simply clear your browser’s cookies and voila! the Google Search cookies saved in your browser will be removed and the old / current layout of Google Search will be there!
    2. The other way is to remove the Google Search cookies only, instead of deleting all the cookies from your browser. To delete the Google Search cookies only, copy the following javascript code in your browser address bar/ url field and press enter:


  1. Refresh the Search page and now you will see the Old / current Google Search layout again!

Edit: Note that this procedure of enabling the New Google Search is no longer working, not even the sandbox is working directly.

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