How to fix Disqus Comment system not showing on the Blog Post page

Today while testing some stuff on the Disqus Comment System plugin on my test blog i noticed that it suddenly disappeared while i disquslogowas just playing around with settings and customizations (no core php files edits though). I tried fixing the settings but it didn’t recover again! so , well being confused, i disabled the disqus comment system plugin and enabled it again, but unfortunately it didn’t come back again! and same blank are beneath the post! hmm.. well then how to fix it? here it is !

Well i know it might not be the best fix, as some one might suggest a better one too! (and i will really appreciate it and include it in the post!) this was probably fastest for me!

I simply disabled and “deleted” the plugin and then installed it again, and voila! it worked!

Note that the settings and comments were saved on the disquss server, so uninstalling / deleting it from my blog did not affect the settings or the blog comments at all.

So here you go! in just a few seconds, the disquss comments system was working perfectly as it was! :)

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