How to add description to Facebook profile picture

Facebook profile picture is the first and most important part of your profile, much more than the cover photo too. Profile picture not only shows your looks but also your personality type and in fact tells a lot more about it. However, you can also add words to the profile pic by adding description to […]

Facebook photo identification issues

I wish Mark Zukerberg (or whatever his name is) disables his own facebook id for a day and then try to recover it at least once, as a demo, to go through the process and see how irritating and frustrating it is. First of all, the facebook temporarily disabling the accounts is weird in itself. […]

Facebook disabling accounts

Facebook started off as a great social media website almost a decade ago, but now it’s getting painful and irritating due to this id verification and account disabling issues. Facebook is very actively disabling the accounts and asking for verification these days. Why is account disabling wrong? Disabling a fake or inappropriate account can be […]

Remove Facebook Virus posting Nude videos on wall

There are various viruses on Facebook these days. One of them is the one that posts nude and porn videos on your and your friends walls. Facebook Virus posting nude videos on friends wall The irritating virus on facebook posts naked and probably porn videos on your facebook wall, or even worse, your friends facebook […]

Welcome to Facebook – get rid of it!

Welcome to Facebook message which we seem to get when someone makes a new account on facebook. But unfortunately facebook forgets that welcome is done once, it keeps on welcoming your for days and months! wow! The welcome to facebook (followed by your name) message appears on your facebook profile until facebook thinks your profile […]

How to block Facebook Id

So that weird Facebook profile is disturbing you and you want to know how to block facebook id of that person? Well it’s a fairly simple and straight forward process. How to block Facebook Id of someone 1. To block someones facebook id, login to your facebook account from which you want to block your […]

Delete shared links / videos from Facebook Wall

Couple of years back I wrote a post about how to remove a link or video from your facebook wall. That method is now deprecated however as facebook has evolved alot now. So lets see whats the new methos to find and then delete the shared links and videos from your facebook profile. Facebook allows […]

Facebook not sending Login approval sms – confusion solved

This post might seem off topic or sort of too much of common sense, but some people are still having difficulty in crossing this step of facebook login approval when logging into facebook from new browser on their computer. When logging in on your facebook account for which you have turned on login approvals from […]

How to secure your Facebook account with Mobile text verification / Login Approvals

There are numerous accounts of Facebook accounts being hacked and misused. Facebook provides you an option to add mobile text verification to your account to enhance its security. Facebook calls it “Login Approvals” which asks user to verify it’s authority on the account before logging in. How it works: Once the mobile text verification for […]

How to Remove your cell number from Facebook profile

Most of the facebook settings are not straight forward and scare its users. Cell phone number is one of them. User might add phone number while doing “something” on facebook or any other associated application from their cell phone probably which will add cell number to their profile, but then boom, that cell number goes […]