How to add description to Facebook profile picture

Facebook profile picture is the first and most important part of your profile, much more than the cover photo too. Profile picture not only shows your looks but also your personality type and in fact tells a lot more about it.

However, you can also add words to the profile pic by adding description to it. This can also include the details of the picture like where it was taken or anything you want.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to write something under the profile picture on facebook.

How to write description under facebook profile picture on computer

Follow these steps to add description and text to the facebook profile picture on computer. Please note that the method for adding it on mobile phone, including iphone and android is different.

1. Goto your Facebook profile timeline

Login to your facebook account and go to your facebook profile timeline. Note this is not the homepage, but the profile timeline, by clicking your name on top or profile picture thumbnail anywhere on facebook.


2. Open your profile picture

Once you’ve logged into your facebook profile, click on your profile image to enlarge it. This will bring up the profile picture as a popup or on new page, both are fine, along with information related to it like when was it taken, comments on it, privacy, etc. You can add the info to it or change the info that was already there, editing the image details, when it was taken, or changing the privacy settings for the picture too to allow certain people to see it only or to show it to anyone, choosing the audience for your facebook profile picture.


3. Add a description to facebook profile picture

Once the profile picture has opened and enlarged, now it’s time to do the task we’ve opened it for. click on the “Add a description” link next to your profile image or “Edit”.

The box will appear, enter the text into the box. You can add info related to the image, any quote, comments, or anything that you like as description to your profile picture, just like it’s done for other pictures in your facebook profile.

You can also add other details to the image like where was it taken, who were you with (by typing in friends name and it will give a list of matching names to chose from), etc.

You can chose a date, including year, month and day, for the picture that when was it taken.

4. Click “Done Editing” for facebook profile picture

Once you’re done adding or editing the details and description for your facebook profile picture, it’s time to finish editing and clicking “Done Editing”, and this will save the data you’ve entered or modified for your facebook profile picture.

add-description-to-facebook-profile picture

Once edited, the image will have “edited” mentioned with your name, when it’s opened full (as seen in the picture).

To add the description and details to your facebook profile picture on mobile device or smart phone, e.g. iphone or android, you’ll have to follow the app specific details for that device or application.

The settings and structure of facebook website and applications keeps changing. Let me know if this doesn’t work anymore or if you’re having trouble adding description to your facebook profile picture on computer or any mobile device through comments and I would try my best to help you out.

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