Socialtriggers – Why I stopped following Derek

I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of this clown Derek Halpern, I’m sorry to introduce him to you if you didn’t!

Well, I have separate email ids for personal stuff, blog and for subscriptions. Why separate? Well because the subscriptions usually flood you with useless stuff, just like socialtriggers!

Yesterday I decided to clean my cluttered email inboxes and while going through them, i found this particular socialtriggers to be there with hundreds of emails!

Well, the titles were like how to make this much audience, this much money and so on. the latest mail was regarding some seminar which was just about to begin, so I logged in.

And believe me, you guessed it right, it was such a waste of time!

Checkout my message to him on the webinar too, that he didn’t even bother seeing (maybe the recording was being played only?

derek webminar fail

Well, I wouldn’t have bothered writing a post about him, but then I looked at other mails from him and stuff, and guess what, he simply clutters the emails with same stuff too! Many emails having similar topic and stuff, nothing new, just a constant “psychological experiment” going on on the subscribers.

Upon clicking another one of it, I saw this:

derek spelling mistakes

I noticed a lot of spelling and typo mistakes in his content too. Well, we all make mistakes, i accept, but his response? Seriously? this is the worth of his visitors in his view? What a shame!

I immediately decided to unsubscribe from this spam site socialtriggers and get rid of this illiterate kid who claims himself on his twitter profile that he’s useless:

derek twitter

So folks, the take home message is that whenever you’re trying to follow someone, check out their background and their mental caliber, if they’re even what they’re saying or just blabbering.

Remember, even if he has got the money, character is the first thing you should see when following someone.


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