AMP Error – boilerplate

This post solves the issue of amp boilerplate tags are malformed: The mandatory text inside tag ‘head > style[amp-boilerplate]’ is missing or incorrect. Cause was: YUI compressor (PHP) for CSS in w3 total cache (instead of default minify compressor). Solution: Change the compressor back to Minify (default), save settings and purge cache. Explanation: The boilerplate […]

cid=xxx in wordpress url in google webmaster tools

I have been trying to improve my website’s performance and search engine ranking lately. While checking the webmaster tools for my wordpress blog, I found out that there are numerous pages which are showing either duplicate content or else not found error. Most of these page (1000+) were normal url’s with ?cid=xxx to their end. […]

Are you sick of slow loading and heavy javascript sites?

Internet in full of very heavy websites which don’t only take a lot of time to load on your browser but also utilize a lot of resources of your computer. Well, most of the bloggers these days, specially technology bloggers, own some latest powerful machines with new technology processors and high ram etc. They check […]

How to use Google keyword research tool?

Howdy guy! Hope you will like my article about using keyword tool for. Today I’m here to tell you in extremely open about the usage of keyword tool and per click cost of any keyword. Keywords are very important when you’re to earn with your site. They pays the main role to give you per […]

How to Add my website in Google

Fairly simple query with a easy solution! yes! Many people consider getting listen in google to be like getting ID card in Pakistan! but it is really not so! it’s pretty much simple indeed. How to add site to google? So how do you get listed in google? Well there are couple of ways to […]

5 most common blogging mistakes

No one is perfect, we all do mistakes all the time. Some times we learn from it, some times we get disappointed and bad results. Like every profession there are some common mistakes that bloggers do too (yes , blogging is also a profession). I will try to list out the top 5 most common […]

Traffic reduced markedly after 2 days down time – back to normal in 2 weeks

My blog went down for almost 2-3 days due to some problem with the domain name nameservers and once it was resolved i noticed that the traffic went down markedly! remained almost 2% of the usual traffic on the first day. However, gradually there was increase in traffic, first 5% then 10% and so on, […]

How to Test / Remove the New Google Search

Google has been working on launching a new design / layout these days. You can test the new layout by turning it on by following method and then you can disable/ remove the new google search by the method described later on. The New Google Search is more colorful and is a really good change […]

How to get Higher Adsense Revenue by Increasing CTR(click through rate)

Not all bloggers and webmasters develop and run their sites for earning through Google Adsense or other ads even. Yes! this is true! Then why do they make their site? We have another article for that here: But for those remaining webmasters, whose purpose of making the website or blog is to earn directly thought […] listed in google in less than an hour of its launch / creation

We launched one of our project, some weeks ago. This was targeted towards health and fitness related stuff, tips and solutions to health problems usually encountered. This subdomain of ours got listed in google within one hour of its launch / creation. The only steps followed mainly included the steps outlined here: It […]