How to Add my website in Google

Fairly simple query with a easy solution! yes! Many people consider getting listen in google to be like getting ID card in Pakistan! but it is really not so! it’s pretty much simple indeed.

How to add site to google?

So how do you get listed in google? Well there are couple of ways to do it within few minutes! (and not in days!)

1. Add your website url to Google

Ofcourse to get listed in google you need to add your url to them! Google allows you to submit your website url which you might think that google is not able to index on it’s own. This way the website pages might take a while (few days to weeks) to appear in google search results though.

To submit your website to Google directy goto this Google Add Url page and add your site link there and press submit!

2. Get a link back from rapidly crawled website to your site

The above step will get your website listed in the google search results probably. But the best and fastest way to get it done is by getting linked / listed in a website which has a very high pr(page rank) and is rapidly crawled by google. Yes you guessed right! these websites include:

  • Yahoo! answers
  • Digg
  • Stumble Upon
  • Reddit

And many more. Just make an interesting article and add it to these website. Make sure you don’t spam. Only one article submission is enough provided that you have efficient internal linking system and a valid working sitemap.

You can also post comments on various blogs to get google to your website too (like commenting on this article with your website link in the website box)

3. Add rss feed to your site

Although not important for first submission as such but if you update your website regularly then rss feed is very critical in getting your page listed in google in shortest possible time as google will be subscribing to your rss feed too.

If you are using wordpress for your website then follow this page for guidelines to increase efficiency and fast speed of getting your website listed in Google.

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