How to use Google keyword research tool?

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Today I’m here to tell you in extremely open about the usage of keyword tool and per click cost of any keyword. Keywords are very important when you’re to earn with your site. They pays the main role to give you per click cost throughout Google ads. So lets start, we will use Adwords Keyword Tool External from Google to calculate per click cost of any keyword.

1. Open the above link

It will ask you How would we like to generate keyword ideas?, tell it that we will go throughout a single keyword.

2. Type your keyword.

In the accordance to show you something great and attractive i will type harddisk recover

3. Fill out the captcha and hit enter

4. Choose show and hide column and click to show estimate CPC average

5. Choose your currency

I will go with USD ($), as a like to make the most of it :D.

6. Click recalculate

Now just hold on there, You will get your first keyword as harddisk data recovery that has the CPC $8.35. Will you get $8.35 on per click? No man :D don’t be silly. Divide it with four, It will be $2.08 per click cost. Why dont you choose keyword harddisk data recovery? Hold on, stop day dreaming. Just now look at the column Advertiser Competition. More the competition is less the chances for you are there to get ranked for this keyword :(. Now look at the local & global search volume. It shows you how much user are looking for this keyword, Obviously if there are more searches you will get more visitors less searches drive you to have less visitors.


Some of the good cpc keywords are

structured settlement
vioxx attorney
drug rehab
contract management software
car accident lawyer

Okay then here it is if you got perfect keyword what to do?

Go to google type that keyword. Watch out the top-3 sites. What’s their page rank? If more than 4 – 5 leave it :D . But actually if you’re going to make most of your efforts choose at least a keyword on which the top most ranked site is about PR4. The reason for leaving that keyword behind is that you will not get that ranked so much easily and so fast. So it is like wasting more time getting less money, It’s not an advantage to go with. Hope i clear you well to understand much pretty to be smart with your site.


Kazim Khan Mangi.

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