Mobile Phones That Supports 3G/4G Internet in Pakistan

Way #1 If you want to know that your phone supports 3G or not. You can go into the settings of your phone and look for network settings, see if it has any of the options available. 3Gs, UMTS, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+. If it has, then your phone is 3G enable. Don’t worry if it […]

Unzip Files over FTP in a minute

I was just basically searching to unzip files over ftp but failed, however few years back when I didn’t had any cpanelX, I used net2ftp. An online web based FTP client which has many features unlike regular OS ftp clients such as filezilla, etc. It is often feels like falling in trouble when a client […]

Advertise at Nabtron

Nabtron is a technology and programming tips, tricks and tutorials blog with unique content and professional posts. The stats for are: Nabtron traffic (by google analytics): Visits (unique) ~ 2500 / day Pageviews ~ 3500 / day Top visitors by country (USA on top with 33+ % ) Google PageRank: Alexa Rank: Available Ad […]

Working for free as a help? My experience!

Working for free for someone wouldn’t be something new for you! Whatever field you work in, people come to you usually to help them, ofcourse for free! This work is mostly exactly what you do to make a living usually. Like coding for programmers. Sometimes the comments or response we get from them is more […]

Was Adsense Worth a Try?

I have been programming and developing websites for last many years. But it is only 2 years ago when I decided to run my own blog, which I got passion to work for 2 months only, after that it was just a update process to be honest! The purpose of the blog to test out […]

5 non-typical tips to boast adsense earning!

This post is not another gathering of bla bla bla stuff from the internet. You might have known few of these points before too, but these are the one’s which are not talked alot, but are sure ways of improving your adsense earned money per month! I am sharing these things because they helped me […]

Make your boss rich or youself, choice is yours!

99% of people I encounter feel proud to be a good “worker” for some other person! Ok wait, I’ll tell you the story that happened recently and compelled me on writing this post! A friend of mine planned on starting on a blog on current affairs in my country. Not just a news site but […]

Is Moneybookers Scam? YES

According to the definition: Scam is a slang term for a fraud or confidence trick. And moneybookers fits fit into it! Let’s see how: Moneybookers don’t allow you to charge back the money Moneybookers “blocks” your account for all activity and terminates it, instead of limiting it and giving you a chance to prove your […]

Free Domain Winner selected

We announced last month that we will be giving out 3 free domains upon completion of 2 years of Nabtron. The domains were meant to be given to 3 individuals on 3 things: 1. all for free, just post a comment and you get randomly selected 2. referring someone to the site 3. writing a […]

We make Websites! no! we actually do!! Want one?

We at Nabtron play guitar and chess┬ámake websites and web based applications of all size and sort! Apart from the websites and applications, we try to keep in touch with other aspects of IT field such as desktop applications, content writing, seo, trouble shooting and so on . . . you can see complete list […]