Was Adsense Worth a Try?

I have been programming and developing websites for last many years. But it is only 2 years ago when I decided to run my own blog, which I got passion to work for 2 months only, after that it was just a update process to be honest!

The purpose of the blog to test out adsense mainly. Nothing can make you more sure than trying it yourself! You wanna share my experience with it? here it is!

Well I had adsense account far before i started this blog / website. So I just had to implement it here. For few months I just learned various things about blogging and improving it and so on. In the mid of last year, I decided to give it some good time and see the outcome, and guess what, it was great! for those months, i received almost 100,000 traffic per month (which is still above almost 85,000 till now per month) and nearly 400$ per month (and almost 200$ per month for inactive months)

Ya I know it’s low for many bloggers out there, but I also know that it’s far above than many bloggers too!

There was no black hat or even serious white hat seo done to the blog in any form. Just natural content and so on.

So on average, I received almost 2300$ till now. Again, I know many blogs make more than that a month even, I would like to improve mine to that extend too though!

So in my opinion, was it worth a try? yes it was! because It’s not the end here even, If I keep on getting nearly 150$ a month for next 1 year I make 2000$ more with it! and who know what’s next!

The lesson learned from this project was simple: Do something for yourself! (too) and hopefully this will be expanding now!

2 comments on “Was Adsense Worth a Try?

    1. it should work! are the ads working on other websites? and was this website blocked by adsense?

      also try these 2:

      1. check any messages by adsense
      2. check if your website is added to the allowed sites list in adsense

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