5 non-typical tips to boast adsense earning!

This post is not another gathering of bla bla bla stuff from the internet. You might have known few of these points before too, but these are the one’s which are not talked alot, but are sure ways of improving your adsense earned money per month!

I am sharing these things because they helped me personally! I am not sure how much increase in adsense income you’re going to get by following them, but I got almost 2 times increase in my adsense income.

So follow these steps to have a extra double income from adsense, with almost same content.

1. Speed up your website

Ok very obvious one! but very critical one. Make your page load time to be between 1-2 seconds, no more than 2 seconds in any case! Use caching plugins (like w3 total cache for wordpress) and so on.

2. Use Content delivery network + cloud hosting

Yeah, my experience with amazon cloud front was amazing! it boasted the site speed, at a cheapest rate (almost 2$ per month for 100,000 page views a month)

If you can add cloud hosting for load balancing, that will be better too!

You can get more info about these in other articles I have posted about them specifically.

3. Get dedicated ip

No second opinion about that! You need your own ip address if you are on a shared server for your website(s). This and next point are related, so lets get in detail in next one

4. Remove junk content site’s from that ip

As in previous point, get dedicated ip if you’re on a shared server, so that your content is not on the same ip as all that crappy site’s on the same shared ip and server.

Even better, have different ip for your better performing websites. And keep the crappy or under testing ones on separate ip.

Another benefit of having a dedicated ip is that your email’s won’t go in junk mail! You know what I mean… Yeah!

5. Pray to Allah (God)

Ok this might seem weird to some people, but the one who pays you, needs some remembrance too… isn’t it?

One of my teacher once said to me, when God gives you bad times, just think if you are away from him . . . he might be giving you a chance to get back to him this way! So , just goto the God, and ask him, for whatever you want! and have faith.

After all this, do the stuff that everyone talks about, the bla bla stuff, like moving ad positions on site, changing image/text ads preferences, competitive ad filter, etc!

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