How to Ping from terminal in Mac OS X

terminal mac osx To ping some website or IP address from the terminal in Mac OS X please  follow these steps:

1. Open terminal

To open terminal, either open finder and search for it or goto: Applications > Utilities

Or else you can simply write terminal in spotlight search on top right and it will show the terminal.

Run it so that we can use it to ping our website or ip that we need to.

2. Ping your domain or ip

On the terminal command prompt, simply write this command:


replacing the with your required domain name.

Or to ping an ip address

ping 123.456.789

by replacing the numbers with the ip that you want to be pinged.

3. Terminate the ping

Terminal runs continuous ping until you terminate it.

You can terminate the ping by either closing / quitting the terminal, or else by pressing Ctrl + C

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