Convert Snow Leopard Retail Disk to .DMG

There might be some situations when you need your mac osx retail disk converted to dmg.

For example, if you own a macbook Air and external dvd super drive is damaged or your macbook drive is corrupted etc. So in this situations, we aren’t able to run the mac osx snow leopard setup via dvd, rather we need to do it the other way.

This tutorial explains how to convert your Mac OSX snow leopard dvd to the .dmg file (disk image)


  1. Mac OS X with a working dvd drive.
  2. Mac OS X Snow Leopard retail disk
  3. A memory stick of 8GB (or prepare any other file sharing method like wireless or lan)


1. Insert the Mac OS X retail dvd disk in the dvd drive

2. launch disk utility

3. Select the Snow Leopard disk in the Disk Utility

4. Select the option “New Image” from top

5. Give name to the dmg file that will be created from the retail disk in next step and chose some reasonable place to save it (desktop should be fine)

6. Click OK and wait for the image creation process to be completed.

Now your dmg file has been created from the mac osx snow leopard retail installation dvd. You can copy it to the macbook air or other device without dvd drive where you want it to be used via usb or file sharing method.

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