How to free up ram on Mac using terminal

I’ve a macbook white with 2gb ram in it. Works great usually but if its used for long specially including opening and closing of various applications, ram gets really messed up.

The system memory gets filled with the blue “inactive” ram memory.

There are various paid programs out there which do this for you, but there is a really simple method to do it via terminal, all for free.

To free up ram on mac for free using terminal, follow these steps:

How to free up system memory on Mac for free using terminal

1. open terminal (Applications > utilities)

2. type: purge

3. hit enter

4. after a while your memory will be freed

However, you might notice the system to bit hang or get sluggish after purging the unused inactive blue ram in system memory. This is just for a while. Once you start using the applications that you had opened before, it will all become smooth again.

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