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Ubuntu Users & Groups error

Today I ran ubuntu on my computer after a long time but it didn’t went smooth.

Could be due to many reasons, e.g I was using my hard disk on new system, so probably the drivers were not done or something.

Anyway, while encountering with the errors, I decided to create a new user and then see if the errors are still there. But when I clicked on users and groups it gave me error saying:

The configuration could not be loaded

an unknown error occurred.

I tried going to terminal and typing “sudo adduser dummyuser” and it failed too

This all happened on ubuntu 11.04

Please note, it wasn’t fixed on the same release. What I did was that I upgraded ubuntu to 11.11 (after doing partial upgrade of all the install packages for 11.04) and it fixed the issue.

Now the install works perfect. Also, 11.11 is awesome!

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