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Ubuntu 11.10 is the new Mac OS X ?

Now this is not a critic point of view type post. I really like ubuntu project and really enjoying ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.04 and before were more like a different taste of microsoft windows based operating systems. However this new relase has adopted more of the features of mac osx.

E.g, how all applications settings are kept under 1 system settings pane.

Other than that, the currently opened windows options appear on the top bar.

Other than that there are some other really cool features of mac osx added to the awesome ubuntu!

2 Responses to Ubuntu 11.10 is the new Mac OS X ?

  1. NOYB

    If you like it so much, why don’t you say the proper version number??? It is 11.10!!!

    • Dr. Nabeel

      haha! coz I started using it in 11.11 ;)

      P.S changing it to 11.10

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