How to open System Settings in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu has added a cool system settings pane in the 11.10 release in which you can access all the settings for your applications.

To open system settings in ubuntu 11.10 simply goto top right of your screen, click the power button and select “System settings…” from the options list.

The awesome system settings pane will let you manage the settings of most or almost all your system related stuff!

10 comments on “How to open System Settings in Ubuntu 11.10

  1. well actually in a default install, you have 11 different ways to open system settings :p thats why the system settings icon in launcher has been criticised quite a lot!

      1. In a fresh install there is a dedicated icon in the launcher on the left side! Then you can use other options in the ‘Me Menu’ and the power button and hit the back key to open settings!
        Besides you can always use the Dash to search and open settings!
        There was actually an image making fun of this which I can’t find right now :p

  2. and I would recommend advanced users to install ‘GNOME tweak tool’ to play around with some settings not available by default! You can use the command below in a terminal

    $ sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

    or search for it in the Software centre, if you hate the command line ;)

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