My iPhone isn’t charging even with new charger – now what ?

How do you feel when out of a busy schedule, when trying to charge a almost ended battery of iPhone, and it don’t work!

Exactly . . .

I recently got a new charger for my iPhone and it was working perfectly. However, it stopped charging when I plugged it into my macbook one day. The solution for my issue was simple however, at the end of the post is a link to detailed discussion on how to fix if your iPhone not charging at all. This will fix issue with iphone 3g not charging, 3gs having issues with charging and iPhone 4 failing to charge too.

Summary of solution:

Restart computer and iPhone

Detail of solution:

I simply restarted my computer

then I restarted my iPhone (also did a power + home button for 15 seconds reboot)

and it all went perfectly fine!

Usually its just the computer which stops charging the device. Stops sending current through the usb device due to any reasons, e.g too much system load, on and off system sleep mode, etc. So simply removing the charger cable from iphone and laptop both, and simply restarting them will solve the issue in most cases.

However, if you’re still not able to fix your iPhone and it’s still not charging, then follow the steps outlined in this post: Iphone not charging

Update: (thanks to Sanaullah)

Launching iTunes while iphone is connected to the computer fixes the iphone charging issue too in some situations.

6 comments on “My iPhone isn’t charging even with new charger – now what ?

  1. Yes.. I had the almost same problem.. few days ago my iphone stop working on Computer.. its display charging but did not charge.. so i tried multiple different things like i restart computer/iphone (Home + Power 15 sec) but now luck..

    Finally I open iTunes on my computer and plugged the iphone to my computer and then WOW its start charging and ON in few Minute..

  2. my iphone isnt charging!! somebody who can help me!!! coz i nearly loose my patience!! what can i do!! help plz!! i try the solution you’ve said but isn’t work!! but sometimes i saw the apple logo but its not continue!! and back to not charging again!! help plz!!!

  3. my iphone3gs is not giving any sign so can you please do you have any idea to open the iphone. i was done all process which is still not anything on my screen,

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