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Warid – Pakistan sim not detected in iphone (solution)

warid-logoWell when i tried my warid sim in the iphone 3g, it did not detect it and gave the message that the sim was not found.

Tried with other sim of other cellular networks, and they worked fine. Also my warid sim was working with all other cell phones.

So now trying various things to get my warid sim card to work in my iphone 3g, i came to know that it was nothing but the issue with the size of the sim card.

Infact the sim card size of the new warid prepaid sim design does not fit into the iphone 3g jacket.

The solution was then obvoisly simple. Goto your nearest warid customer center in Pakistan, and request them to give you the warid post paid sim. Dont worry, i am not asking you to get the post paid connection! simply ask them to configure the post paid sim for your pre paid connection. They did it for me too, took less than a minute and all was working perfectly fine there after!

3 Responses to Warid – Pakistan sim not detected in iphone (solution)

  1. Aliya Niazi

    Will I be able to keep the number of my current prepaid connection?

    • Nabeel

      yes you will have the same number. You might need to explain it to them first.

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