Joomla released 1.5.12 today

Today joomla announced the release of version 1.5.12. It have been one month and few days since the last release of the joomla 1.5.11 on 3rd june 2009.

Although i had subscribed to the joomla release updates, but they didn’t send the mail regarding this (or may be for some reason on their or my side i was not able to recieve it).

The new joomla release 1.5.12 is named Wojmammi Ama Woi.

This release includes:

  • several bug fixes
  • three moderate level security fixes
  • upgrade of the PEAR library to the new BSD licensed version
  • upgrade to TinyMCE

The upgrade of the PEAR library had bought the joomla codebase into full compliance of the GPL.

This release of joomla brings this great cms to a more stable level.

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