How to solve Joomla save article button not working issue

joomla-save-1Recently uploaded a  Joomla! 1.5 based site to the live server, and found out that when tried to edit the articles, they can’t be saved because save or apply button are not working anymore.

Well, there can be several issues which result in the Joomla article save / apply button not working and saving/ applying changes to the joomla article, such as:

  • there are some files missing, maybe due to error while uploading the files to the server
  • there is some plugin that is disabled, such as the editor plugins
  • other issues

So how to fix it then? the solution lies in several steps, follow them in sequence if the problem of the joomla article save button not working is not fixed:

1. Update Joomla! to latest version

Well, even if you don’t face this issue(that articles not being saved due to buttons not working) or any other issue in Joomla!, you should always keep the joomla version to the latest one updated due to many reasons.

However updating also solves the issue of joomla Save/apply button not working to save the article issue too mostly.

2. Make sure Editor Plugins are enabled

Goto joomla plugin manager and check if the editor plugins are enabled and working as normal.

3. Rule out any interference

If the save/apply button for the Joomla article stopped working recently after you installed any extension to joomla (modules/components/plugins) then try by disabling/uninstalling that extension (modules/components/plugins) and see if this solves the issue, in case if that extension was causing interference with the joomla articles save/apply button and thus making Joomla unable to save the articles.

The issue of the Joomla articles not being saved due to the inability of the save/apply button to work properly should be fixed by the application of the above two methods (the first case only in most cases)

10 comments on “How to solve Joomla save article button not working issue

  1. Thanx a lot, i got the problem after i moved my site to a new host.
    Seems like my tynimc editor crashed meantime, i guess its due to the change in the characterencioding, but not sure.
    Long story short, i disabled the editor, and now it works fine.

    altough i dont have any editor now…. but its fine.

    Thanx again, i read about 8-10 forums, but didnt find answers nowhere-… maybe i post this link there, to help the others.

    1. I am really glad to know that the post helped you in getting your problem solved.

      Btw, try replacing the editor files from the fresh joomla package and then enable your editor and see if it works.

  2. Just another “thank you” from someone helped by your article. Turned out to be one of the editor plugins, which I never would have thought to look at.



  3. Hello!

    I have a Joomla! 1.5.23 Stable installed and configured on a submenu of my own site for a client. I trained her on the backend, but on her own pc the save and apply button do not work, but on my own they are fine. I tried logging in under different users on her machine, and the same problem. She uses IE. I also noticed no popups editors work (except those that open in a lightbox) on her machine, but are fine on mine.

    I disabled popup blockers on her machine and no change. The only other thing I noticed is that she only has less than 5% hard drive space free – but I can’t imagine why that would matter. She says she hasn’t had any other types of problems with her computer?

    Any ideas? She seems to think the problem is with my work, but it all works fine for me!

    I know this is an old article, but if you have any thoughts I would love to hear them. I can’t find any other problems quite like this in any forums or blogs.


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