Trackpad Tap/click working on Old(white) Apple Macbook with new Bootcamp 3.0 on Windows

After years of patience! atlast now the trackpad of your white apple macbook, which was thought to be old and support for its trackpad drivers to work properly in windows operating system was being considered not to be considered! has atlast been able to tap to click via your macbook trackpad.

Apple launched the better version of the trackpad drivers with the release of the Bootcamp version 3.0 These drivers work for the trackpad and enable tap to click with it. I got them with snowleopard, mac osx version 1.6.

Simply update your bootcamp, and goto your bootcamp menu from the windows taskbar.


There click on the boot camp sign (tilted grey square). This will open the option list to select from.


From the options select the Boot Camp Control Panel. This will take you to the boot camp control panel to edit the settings related to startup disk selection, brightness control, remote control, keyboard options, trackpad options and power options.


In the boot camp control panel, click on the Trackpad to goto trackpad options.


The trackpad options menu in the boot camp control panel gives pretty cool, long awaited options for the trackpad and tap/click for windows users (xp, vista, seven). Simply select the options that you want to be active, like Tap to click, dragging, drag lock, secondary click with two fingers tap and also to turn on palm rejection to avoid any accidental input while typing by automatically ignoring it.

After making selection regarding trackpad options on macbook running windows(xp, vista, seven) Simply click apply and ok to save the changes.

Now just try tapping on the trackpad and also double finger tap to see it right click! voila! Finally our old macbook is new with the new drivers!

Edit: You can download the Apple MacBook BootCamp 3.0 drivers via this TORRENT LINK (link not working now ).

6 comments on “Trackpad Tap/click working on Old(white) Apple Macbook with new Bootcamp 3.0 on Windows

  1. Thanks a lot for a solution to this long awaited nagging problem when running windows on Macbook.
    I have dual booting setup with older version of BootCamp.

    How can I upgrade bootcamp to this version ?
    My Installation CD contains older BootCamp version.
    I dont have internet access in Windows.

    Would downloading latest Bootcamp under OSX and then installing it over older bootcamp installation in windows upgrade BootCamp ?

    1. vijay, i have added the torrent download link at the bottom of the article. Please let me know if you can find it and can download/use it successfully.

        1. actually, i used bootcamp 3.0 on fresh install of windows seven on my macbook (via snow leopard dvd). So i don’t know if upgrading will be smooth or not!

          I will appreciate if you share your experience after upgrade. thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for solving what Apple could not. You saved my life! :D
    P.S.: Upgrading is smooth, everything worked perfectly!

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