Macbook Speakers not working [on windows or leopard os ]

After encountering the issue of the macbook speakers going soundless a few times, i thought to make a post about it to help others who might be confused with this condition of no sound from the macbook speakers on windows seven or any other version of windows (xp or vista) or Mac OS-X Leopard.The situation that i faces all these times was:

I am on macbook 2.4ghz, was using the macbook simply, and then just noticed as i played one song, it didn’t had any voice. Well i checked the sound controls, they were working perfectly and were all non-mute.Even if i increase or decrease the sound with the f11 and f12 keys, they show it working, but no pop up sound appears too.

The solution to this issue is more than simple infact, shall i disclose? :)

The solution is to plug in the ear/head phones to your audio out jack and then take it off again. Do this even if when the sound went off, you didn’t used the ear phones near that time.

As you will connect the headphones, the sound will start coming from them, and then when you will remove them, the speakers will start working again. If it does not get solved at once, do it 2-3 times before posting comment below.

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