Using Print Screen feature on Apple Mac Keyboard for windows OS:

If you are using windows on an Apple’s system ( like macbook ), you will not be able to take a screen shot by pressing print screen key. The reason is, there is no key of print screen on an apple keyboard. The solution for this problem is provided below.

For Mac OS:

If you are using MAC operating system, just press [Command (apple) + Shift + 4] and select the desired area by click and drag. The selected area will be saved on your desktop as an image.

For Windows:

But if you are using Mac / Apple keyboard in windows, you will have to install third party software that will assign a short cut key for print screen if fn + shift + f11 is not working. I recommend to use Quick Screenshot Maker. You can download it from here.

  • Just install the software and run it.
  • Click on Setting > Configure. A configuration box will appear. Type the key that you want to act as print screen key. For example, I use F11.
  • On capture tab, check “run on system startup” and “minimize when start”.
  • On Edit tab, check “copy to clipboard” and uncheck every other option.
  • Minimize the software.

That’s it, now when you will start your computer the software will start automatically in the system tray and F11 will work as print screen.

NOTE: Another method is to use On Screen Keyboard but that keyboard gets included in the screen shot and you will need to open it each time from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On Screen Keyboard.

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