Making your own personalized Mobile Phone animated Wallpapers & Screensavers online for free:

While surfing on internet, I found a very nice website with lots of wallpapers for mobile phones. And these wallpapers are highly customized; you can add any text into them and can also change the color. You can choose any resolution or size of the wallpaper to download for you mobile phone for free. All these wallpapers are animated, so one can use them as a screen saver too. Following are few examples of those wallpapers. I just changed the text to “Nabtron” in each wallpaper.

matrix wallpaper

mobile phone wallpaper 3

mobile phone wallpaper 4

mobile phone wallpaper 2

All you have to do is to open , click on the animated wallpaper that you like. In the up coming page, choose your mobile phone model and it will automatically adjust the resolution or size of picture. Or you can choose any resolution/size directly by clicking on Generic as you phone model and then choosing the desired resolution in next field.

Choose a color.

Write any text and click refresh preview button.

Your mobile phone wallpaper / screen saver is ready. Just right click on the picture and save it as a .gif image.

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    1. Well yeah, i write a blog about medicine / health, world issues and my personal blog too . You can see the links in the blog roll in the right column.

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