How to change / add your profile display picture in facebook

Some times i am asked “how do i change the facebook profile picture / display picture?”. So well this article explains how to add or change your profile picture on the display on facebook.If you are going to add the picture for the first time on display for your profile on facebok, or you are going to change your previous picture from the display on your facebook profile, simply follow the following:

1. Login to facebook profile

Obviously! goto and login to your account. Once you are logged in, you are on your homepage of your facebook account. Please note, this is not your profile page, this is your homepage that shows up when you simply login to your facebook account. Although it shows the wall to you, but this wall is not your facebook profile wall.


2. Goto facebook profile page

Once logged in, goto facebook profile page. To goto profile page, you can click on either Profile or your name on the top blue bar on the facebook homepage.

This will take you to your facebook profile page. (You can also click on your thumbnail image on the homepage wall to go directly to your profile page on facebook, like you will do it for accessing any friends / persons profile on facebook.


3. Mouse over to your Facebook profile picture:

Now as you are on the facebook profile page, you can see the big image on the top left of the profile page. If you have not selected the image for your facebook profile display (dp) then you will see a blank image, other wise you will see what ever you image selected last time.

Take your mouse pointer over the picture, but don’t click on it. You will see a small link appearing saying change picture.


Click on Change Picture and this will give you a list of options to select from in order to change your facebook profile display picture(dp).


Now You have a few options to select from.

First one is if you want to upload the picture from your computer, simply select it, it will give you a box to browse your picture on your computer.

Second option is if you have webcam on your computer, you can take the snap right at the moment. It can be cropped after being taken too.

If you want to chose any image which is already in your facebook album, simply select this option, and it will take you to the profile gallery and you can chose an image from there.

If you want to change how your thumbnail appear, that is the small image that you see on your homepage and you image on other peoples profile when you make a post there. It gives you option to select which part of your main profile image is displayed as thumbnail on facebook.

If you don’t want to do any of these, but simply want to remove the profile display image from your wall, simply select the last option, and remove your picture from facebook profile page/wall.

You can see for detail about these particular steps in facebook related posts on this blog, or ask in comments.

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