How to Hide-unhide friends posts-Application updates & news feeds on facebook wall

This time in this article i am going to explain how can we hide posts and updates from particular friend or application on facebook and if once hidden, then how can we show them again.

One of my friend mentioned to me that she accidentally hide my posts on her wall, and now wants them to be restored! so she asked me the method of unhiding friends on facebook. Well, i thought instead of telling it to her in secret, why not make it a post for the public out there! so here you go!

Actually this tutorial was a result of query from couple of my other friends too who asked me stuff like:

  • how to unhide friends on facebook
  • what is facebook unhide friends method
  • how to unhide on facebook (definitely friends)
  • how to unhide applications on facebook
  • how to unhide facebook friends updates
  • etc

Edit: Please make sure, when you are unhiding the posts from the facebook wall, you need to be on the homepage, instead of your profile page wall.

How to hide Friends posts/ application updates / news feeds on facebook wall

First we will see how to hide the friends and applications posts and updates via news feed on the facebook wall.

This step requires simply goto facebook wall and taking your mouse pointer over the particular post/update on the wall.

You will see a hide button appearing on the right side of the post/ feed/ update.

show / hide friends feed from facebook

When we click on the hide link on right side of the friends post or update, it will show us options as in the following image:

show / hide friends feed from facebook

Now click on the hide drop down option for the friends post or update to be hidden from your facebook wall. Note that all the posts and updates from the particular friend or application will be removed from your facebook wall.

show / hide friends feed from facebook

If you want to undo your action of hiding the friends post or news feed / application updates, as if you by mistake made it hidden, you can simply click the undo button as in the above image. This will restore the friends posts and updates on your facebook wall. But note that this option will vanish soon, so act fast if you want to make the friends update to not to be hidden. Other wise you will have to follow the following method to show the hidden posts on the facebook wall.

So now the post from the respective friend or application will be hidden and you will no longer be viewing the friends post or appliction updates via news feeds on your facebook wall from the one that you just hide.

Now we will discuss how to unhide the friends posts or application updates on your facebook wall once you have hidden them.

How to Unhide / restore Friends posts/ application updates / news feeds on facebook wall

If you once hide your friends posts or application updates on your facebook, and now you want to show them again by unhiding and restoring them, follow this method:

Login to your facebook account and goto the wall(homepage).

Edit: Make sure that you are on New Feeds and not on Live Feeds page.(See the images below to see the correct and wrong page – between news feeds and live feeds:)

This is wrong page (showing the Live Feed). Click on the View News Feed to goto News Feed page:

facebook hide unhide posts

This is the correct page showing the News Feed:

applications feeds live news hide show facebook

Once on the correct page, goto the bottom of the facebook wall. There you will see a link saying show hidden posts and edit options.

show / hide friends feed from facebook

If you only want to see certain news feed or friends update, you can only click on Show hidden posts and it will show you the posts and updates from your friends and applications that you hide before.

show / hide friends feed from facebook

Now if you want the friends updates and posts to be unhide and be shown on your facebook wall, simply click on add to news feed in front of the friends name. This will unhide the news feeds of that person and show the friends posts back again on your facebook wall.

If you want any application updates to be unhide and to show them on your facebook wall that you previously hide, simply click on applications in the above place and it will show you the applications you have hidden before from facebook wall so that you can add them to news feed again to show the updates from them on your facebook wall. (Check the image below for the red circle around the Applications link in the same above popup box)

show / hide friends feed from facebook

This way you can hide and unhide the friends posts and applications updates on your facebook wall.

178 comments on “How to Hide-unhide friends posts-Application updates & news feeds on facebook wall

  1. “Goto the bottom of the facebook wall. There you will see a link saying show hidden posts and edit options.”….

    Sorry, have been looking around for almost an hour. Feel a bit silly, but do not see these options. Immediately under my FB posts there is a single option to “Show older posts”. Further down in the menu bar there are the “Applications; Photos; Video; Groups; Events; One of my Game Icons; and Marketplace”… additionally, there are “About; Advertising; Careers; Terms; Find Friends; privacy; mobile; and help center (which is no help)”

    I do not see how to show the posts of a friend I have hidden. I find it maddening it is so easy to hide a friend… but so insanely difficult to show their feeds again. Facebook… are you getting this feedback?


  2. I am having the same problem as Jason…. At the very bottom of my wall, I only have “Show Older Posts…” on the left side and nothing on the right. No “Show Hidden Posts” or “Edit Options”. Could it be that I’m using Safari on a Mac???

    Well this thought occurred to me only as I was asking for help, so I went upstairs to an old PC that I have. I went onto facebook with IE, and it worked!!! The correct options were on the right hand side of my wall at the bottom.

    Jason, are you on a Mac? I didn’t try other browsers on my Mac….

    Facebook …. are you getting this feedback?

    1. well jim, thanks for pointing out the mac safari issue! ill definitely have a look at mac safari and update the article!

  3. Thanks for this helpful article, Nabeel.

    @ Jason – I couldn’t find those options at the bottom of my wall either, but found them instead at the bottom of the home page. Click on ‘Edit Options’ and you’ll be able to re-add friends’ posts to your newsfeed.

    1. yes genie! that’s probably the cause, they are trying to find it on their profile page , not their homepage! [updated the article for this]

    1. this is a good question! currently i am not sure about it! but ill let you know as soon as i find about it!

  4. i have have yet to discover why i can’t see most of my MAFIA WARS friends news feed on my own wall.

    i see some but not most of them

  5. Hi:
    I have a question. I want to hide the tab “just friend” in my wall. I hide the one said me+ friends but i still have the other one. How i can hide that one too. I dont want my friends see another post in my wall but in this option they will bw able to see it.


    1. David, it’s still the same, and i just checked by hiding and then hiding one of my friends posts on facebook wall. Please make sure you are trying the method on the homepage of your facebook account and not the profile page.

      Lemme know if it works!

  6. Hi, I have a bunch of hidden applications, but now I want to un-hide one.

    The screens above for unhiding used to be what was there. However, now when I go to the bottom of my home page, and open the “edit options” section, it only has ‘friends’ issues there.

    Any ideas, please?

    1. Hello Chris, the hidden facebook applications are still there too! in the window that opens once you click on edit options, there is written applications on top (you can see that in the picture in the main article too) please let me know if you can find it. I have edited the above article adding the image pointing to the hidden applications at the end of the article.

  7. Many thanks, Nabeel. I realized after seeing your response that I was looking in “Live Feed” which only allows editing Friends, rather than News Feed, which allows changes to Application notifications. Have a good day/evening.

  8. @Chris, thanks for pointing out, i have edited and included instructions and images to help find the correct page for showing the hidden applications on facebook in the above article.

  9. I can’t see FV pubblication on facebook home (link ribbon, eggs, animals…)with farmville please help :(

    ??????? ??????

  10. Mine was a little bit different but I was determined to find it. Mine was under Options at the bottom of the page.. But you helped me tremendously…THanks

  11. Thanks for this. It really helped. I’ve been clueless for almost a week on how to unhide news feeds from my applications.

    A Bunch of Thank you’s for you.

  12. I’ve been trying to figure out how to unhide an app from my news feed for what seems like an eternity. Thank you so much for your help!!!

  13. I accidentally hide my favourite application but then i was unable to unhide it..
    Ur article saves me. thank u soo much

  14. Thanks for taking the time to help!

    =) I was trying to restore feeds and was searching google for quite some time now. Your post was very useful. Facebook can be confusing sometimes… *




  16. I am having a problem since the latest privacy chgs. My “everyday” friends can see the application posts to my wall/ news feed ( Mafia Wars, Farkle, Bejeweled) but NONE OF MY other 600 friends – mostly for MW can see any job postings or wishlists or scores.
    I have tried creating and recreating friend lists, and then even did the opposite — made everything viewable to ALL FRIENDS, and they can still not see the Application postings. Any Ideas why Facebook is treating some of my friends differently than others?

    1. possible reason is that your friends who cannot see mafia wars posts have hidden mafia wars updates in facebook feeds.

      It could be some other issue too however, hello, i will be checking it out and responding to your query after my exams are over in February. Do pray for me.

  17. FB infuriates me…Everything I do now posts on my profile page, new friends, if I ‘like’ something, if I comment…UGH!!! You have no idea how much this frustrates me. It is something new, the last month maybe? When I joined FB a little under a year ago I was able to find and undo the enabler for this, but through these new updates, FB now has these notifications on my profile page and I want it TURNED OFF in the biggest way!
    PLEASE HELP… =o ] Thank you so very much. (btw, i did spend an inordinate amount of time looking through all the privacy stuff, to no avail)

      1. Nabeel, I’m bummed. Before the last change FB made I was able to turn these off. I was soooo hoping that I would not have to manually delete each ‘ Annamaria and xyz are now friends’ or ‘Annamaria commented on xyz’s status’.

        I do not want to hide my wall, but it is my privacy concern as to whether I want anyone to see whether I did these things or not. I do not see why the powers that be @ FB would decide to ‘unable’ the capability to hide these as it was available before.

        Maybe I am OCD on top of the whole ‘privacy’ thing….it clutters my wall as well…yes, Nabeel, I am a huge commenter =o [

        If you find a solution to this, would you please msg me? please? I know you are a busy guy is right up your alley… =o ]

        I’m going to go sign-up as a FAN of yours on FB :o D
        HUGE THANKS for your help!

  18. If I hide my status updates from a particular friend on facebook today, but have had him as a friend for the past year, can he still read my status updates up until today? Also can I block him from reading comments I make on my wall posts?

      1. So you have to click “Remove” and then click “Delete” (or press Space/Enter) when asked for confirmation—for every single message?

        I’m still looking.

  19. will a friend be notified if i hide him/ her in my news feed? i do not want them to know i’ve hidden their posts

  20. hi.I want to ask that when a pic is tagged with many friends,then most of the friends give comments on that pic and then when comments reaches to 70 or 80 ,afterthat facebook start deleting the comments from above one by one and as we give one comment more ,then one comment is more deleted from above.
    So is there any limit of comments????

    1. I haven’t check any pic like this recently but couple of weeks ago i saw pictures on facebook with more than 300 comments. In my opinion, the comments per post/image should be unlimited.

      1. thanks for replying…. but check one thing,if that pic has 300 comments then below that pic there should be written “view all 300 comments”. Click that and check if it is showing all 300 comments.

        When i do this on any pic, it doesn’t show all comments, it shows only last 70 or 80 comments.

        1. after you click on that link and it shows some comments, move above to the top comment, and it will have link for showing more/previous comments.

          1. still cant! make a comment on that picture and it will appear on your wall as that you commented on it as a link, i might be able to check it from there then.

          2. umm.. nops! i can only see:

            Rizwan and Nabeel Khan are now friends. · Comment · LikeUnlike
            Write a comment…
            Rizwan commented on Mohsin Ali’s photo.
            Rizwan commented on Mohsin Ali’s photo.

  21. I accidently hid an Application, FarmVille to be specific. I tried to follow your directions, but with the new layout it’s not the same. PLEASE tell me you can help!? Thanks!

      1. Katy, how did you do it? It doesn’t work with the new layout and I am desperate to have Farmville back in the news feed.

          1. I must be an idiot. I am not receiving posts from my gaming friends for Farmville or Mafia Wars. On my News Feed/home page I only have Edit Options at the bottom. It’s a Manage News Feed window that reads “Live Feed automatically determines which friends to include based on who Facebook thinks you want to hear from most. You can manually adjust this list below.”

            I then get two boxes…one says “Show More” and the other says “Hide.”

            There is nothing about Unhiding.

            This is driving me nuts. I’ve checked privacy and application settings and all seems right.

          2. I hvae hidden a few applications when i first started and i tried to follow the original directions and they are not working. the show so many hidden posts is no longer next to the edit options and there is not option for live or non live new feed. please advise.

          3. Click on “edit options” to get the popup having list of hidden feeds.

            Please let me know if you were able to fix this.

  22. I read your article with bated breath hoping to find the answer to my problem but to no avail. I am not allowed to see anything on my News Feed from my friends nor me from Vampire Wars. I double checked and made sure it was not on my blocked applications. I can see my own VW updates on my profile page but not on the newsfeed. Additionally on my Applications pg there is a check beside Publish recent activity to my wall for VW.

          1. Sorry, I should have clarified. I don’t see any game feeds on my wall and I do not have any games hidden.

            Also, my wall doesn’t look like that, I think Facebook has been updated since this went out.

          2. yap this one was written on old fb style, but the feature are still same, did you check the “top new” and “most recent” ?

  23. Thanks so much! I hid the Farmville updates a while ago because they were annoying, but now I want all the free gifts from other players, so this helped me to unhide the notifications!

  24. Facebook has been updated since you made this guide. How do I hide a certain wall post from appearing on my wall? When I put my mouse on it, instead of “Hide” appearing, “Remove” appears, and I don’t want to completely delete the post…


    1. the guide still works the same, you are seeing “remove” because you are on the facebook profile wall, not the homepage, goto HOME page and you will see “hide” there

  25. I am wondering, How can I view my Friends new posts (Whats On Your Mind?”) on my Friends List. I see my Friends have it on their lists. I don’t know if I did something in the begining to hide them. I’m new to FB, only been on about 3 weeks, but pretty hooked. I wish I could view their new posts on my Friends list.If you can help me I’d really appreciate it.
    Thank You,

  26. PS
    I know I can see them on my Home Page under News Feed. That also gives game info and comments. I’d like to have the posts with my Friends list without the other info.
    Thanks Again,

  27. I want to be able to see my friends posts on my profile page of FB. Either from my wall or info. There is a list of friends on the left hand side. When you click on that it lists your friends. I see other friends of mine have the newest post that their friends made witout any othe info. on that list next to their name. How can I see that from my Profile?
    Thanks Again :o),

    1. PS
      I have no info. next to my Friends on that list. From the Home Page I can view News Feed which gives more info. than I want to see and is harder to access, than if it was right next to my Friends List from my Profile page.
      I’m trying to clarify what I’m asking you for help with.

  28. I accidently hid Frontierville from my news feed but when I go to the bottom like it is indicate on top, the only option are ‘older posts’ and ‘edit options’. The ‘show hidden’ does not show up.

  29. I have hidden mafia wars from feed and now want it back all i have is “edit options” at bottom of page and not “show hidden” can someone help me?

  30. Hi there! I hid the comment activity ‘kay commented on Mary Smith’s photo…” etc etc i.e. that sort of thing which I used to see on my Facebook profile page however now I miss it (for chronological purposes) and I can’t find out how to get it back/restore it. Can you help me please? I am a total FB novice…63 years old :/ thanks

  31. Were you sending me a FriendRequest so you can see my wall or can you see anyway? I haven’t got a Friendrequest yet…my internet connection in Australia is very slow….

  32. Your reference to El Retardo is simply offensive. Why dont you just refer to all people of color as El Niggerdo? I found it hard to even say the El N word, but i hope that you get the point.
    The word and use of it as you do is hurtful and unnecessary. It actually shows the ignorance of the person using it, just as it would for anyone using the N word.

    1. Oops! I just checked the post “images” and ya its there!

      I’m sorry I didn’t realize these words were there.

      Ok well to be honest, when i was writing this post long ago I didn’t even knew if this word is offensive at all! I apologize! (I still don’t know how it’s offensive btw, never heard this before)

      Thanks for pointing out

  33. i accidentally hid all my friend’s posts while go, and didn’t realize it until i started noticing that i wasn’t seeing her posts anymore.i went to her wall and saw alot of status updates. i rlly want to figure out how to undo that hide. facebook’s layout changed a bit, so this isn’t much of a help :( sorry

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