Where to find farmville updates (fv publications) on facebook new homepage

I got a comment from one of the visitor on a facebook updates hide/unhide post, asking that he is unable to find the farmville application updates (fv publications in his words) on the facebook new homepage design. Well, here it is how to show them!.

Actually, facebook homepage has now seperated the Live Feed and the News Feed. So in order to see the farmville publications/ application updates on your screen, you have to make sure that you are checking in the Live Feed page. How to goto this page? well! simple enough:

  1. login to your facebook account
  2. on your homepage top, make sure that you are on the Live Feed and not the News Feed. You can shift between the two by clicking on the opposite one.

You can see the following images to see the right and wrong page where to see for the farmville updates (and others)


farmville facebook


facebook farmville live feed

So now once you are on the Live Feed page on the facebook homepage wall, you will be able to see the farmville and other applications publications and updates.

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