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Facebook clone(s) [Well atleast some what!]

Note: The site is probably dead and the links to it aren’t working now! 

While surfing through the net today, i came accross a few sites which were clone of some popular social networking sites like facebook, orkut, myspace etc.

Well one of them , called http://www.soendastreet.com/

Well, as you can see that the site homepage is just the exact clone of facebook, with only the logo changed to their own name.


But hey! there’s more about it! don’t forget to see the terms and conditions page of the site ! or you will miss the greatest part of it ! :) http://www.soendastreet.com/help_tos.php


4 Responses to Facebook clone(s) [Well atleast some what!]

  1. Daulat shah

    open nahi ho raha close hai

    • Nabeel

      @Daulat, ya i also just checked and their server account is suspended now. Don’t know for what reason!

  2. Simon

    Its not working!!!

    • Nabeel

      well it was working in last july though! maybe their domain expired

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