iPhone Internet (EDGE/GPRS) settings (telenor, ufone, warid, mobilink – Pakistan)

I have compiled the gprs/edge settings for networks in Pakistan.

(If you are looking for MMS settings for cellular networks in Pakistan – ufone, warid, mobilink gsm, telenor, zong) then follow to this page: http://nabtron.com/mms-settings-for-pakistan-cellular-networks-warid-ufone-mobilink-zong-telenor-tested-on-iphone-3g-3-0/ ).

These are the settings for setting up gprs/edge on iphone 2g/3g for Pakistan cellular networks including : telenor, ufone, warid and mobilink.

Note: It’s recommended to restart your cell / iPhone after entering the gprs/edge internet settings before using them. Also if internet settings are not activated on your sim before, you might need to call the service center to activate them for the first time.

If you feel any difficulty in setting up any network gprs/edge kindly let me know. If these settings work for you, please leave a comment. That will show if these settings are correct and valid.

gprs-edge-iphone-pakistanTelenor gprs settings for iPhone (Pakistan):

For setting telenor gprs/edge (Pakistan) on iPhone 2g/3g :


Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

And enter the following settings there.

APN : internet
user: Telenor
pass: Telenor

Ufone gprs settings for iPhone (Pakistan):

For setting ufone gprs/edge (Pakistan) on iPhone 2g/3g :


Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

and enter the following settings there.

APN : ufone.pinternet

(leave the user and password for ufone blank).

Warid gprs settings for iPhone (Pakistan):

For setting warid gprs/edge (Pakistan) on iPhone 2g/3g :


Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

and enter the following settings there.

APN : warid

(leave the user and password for warid blank).

Mobilink gprs settings for iPhone (Pakistan):

For setting mobilink gprs/edge (Pakistan) on iPhone 2g/3g :


Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

and enter the following settings there.

APN : connect.mobilinkworld.com

(leave the user and password for mobilink gsm blank).

Zong gprs settings for iPhone (Pakistan):

For setting zong gprs/edge (Pakistan) on iPhone 2g/3g :


Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network.

and enter the following settings there.

APN : zonginternet

(leave the user and password for zong blank).

If you find any of the above settings for gprs/edge for cellular networks on either iphone 2g/3g or any other cell, please let me know, so that we can update them.

191 comments on “iPhone Internet (EDGE/GPRS) settings (telenor, ufone, warid, mobilink – Pakistan)

    1. can you please check and state which options did u see when you goto:

      Iphone > settings > general > network

    2. Go to settings, then general, if you dont find ‘cellular data network’, just take out the sim card, and then insert it back, ‘cellular data network’ will pop up :)

  1. Im running OS 3.0.1 on Iphone 3GS.
    Iphone > settings > general > network
    There are following options only
    1. Enable 3G (on/off)
    2. Data Roaming (on/off)
    3.Internet Tethering (on/off)
    4.VPN (Set Configuration)
    4. Wi-Fi (on/off)

    Any advice please?


    1. Umar: which sim are you using?

      also: insert any other network sim, and goto the same settings location, if you can find the apn tab there, click on it, take out ur current sim (without closing the current settings window) and then edit the settings for that service provider.

      Let me know if this was of any help.

    1. the cost depends upon your type of connection.

      Usual price for prepaid sims is 15 rupees per 1mb data transfer.

      For post paid, the prices are variable like 500 rs per month or 1000 rs per month

  2. I have Warid, and I’m brining an unlocked iphone from Canada. Also I upload a card whenever I run out of minutes.
    500-1000 a month??!! thats a lot!!!

    I can’t really find a full time wireless connection here in Pakistan, so do I convert it to edge?

    And how do I contact warid, to get the internet.

    Thanks a lot man.

  3. one thing to note, 3g connectivity is being introduced in Pakistan within few months . 4 companies have been given licence last month for launching 3g service in pakistan.

    secondly, the best option if you want to use internet a lot, is to get zong prepaid, they give you internet for 500rs per month unlimited (others give such offers on post paid only)

    other network give at around 500rs per month. Only telenor (as far as i know) charges 1000 on post paid internet package, because they give EDGE not GPRS which is faster than gprs.

    How to contact them? If its prepaid connection, then you just need to enter the values for the apn and login stated on this page above. If its post paid, then you can get the values from their service center (but i hope they are the same for post paid too . but i will confirm and update)

    you can easily contact the service center number to know about the package details or visit the franchise for details.

  4. Ufff, its that expensive to keep an iphone in Pakistan.

    One more question… can’t you just contact the service center and tell them to activate internet for you, like you do on normal phones, and the internet on the iphone would work.??

    Thanks a lot for your help man, very helpful blog.

  5. To tell you the truth this is really confusing, I though I would just bring an unlocked iphone 3gS from canada and contact warid, get the normal internet as you do on other phone, 5rupees per min. and it would work. Please kindly answer the question i wrote before.

  6. it will work like that

    i am not sure if warid still have 5 rupee per hour package, but if it does have, the package is same for iphone too

  7. thank you for appreciating, and you are always welcome to contact me anytime for any issues.

    You can contact directly by the contact us page linked in the top right menu.

  8. Ufone MMS setting for Iphone 3G, OS 3.0

    Tested and working

    Iphone > settings > general > network > Cellular Data network >

    APN : ufone.pmms
    User : (leave it blank)
    PW : (leave it blank)
    MMSC : http://www.ufonemms.com:80
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS prof URL: http://www.ufonemms.com:80

    then goto

    Iphone > Settings > Phone > My Number >

    make sure your number is like
    +92 333 1234567

    and not like 0333 1234567

    there you have it.

    1. bro its like this, ive a ufone number, n an iphone 3g, os 3.0.1…ive entered all the above mentioned settings, restarted as advised, n tried at a spot where there were full signals n stuff, made sure the image was less than 100kb, gprs is working fine…however the mms still is nt sending… can it be tht ive a 0300 number ported in to ufone? mite this be the reason? but mms used to work before on ma N73, but it doesnt nw… help me out here…

        1. Nabeel, where can i get the cracked version/full version of swirlymms? I just downloaded it from cydia. They ask for a licence too, i dont know if it will work fine without license (havent tried it yet).
          Besides, I dont have any settings of mms on iphone but when i opened swirlymms it auto-detected the settings of ufone mms. Do i need to enter the settings in iphone settings too?

          1. why you want to use swirty Musavir?

            and yes I can get you swirly though, but you don’t need it!

            above mentioned settings are working perfectly

  9. let me give u some details first. i am running 3.0.1 and i downloaded the swirlymms app. and then i added those ufone settings to the phone. so now there is a a Lil camera icon next to the text bar. and when i try to send a pic it doesn’t go. this sign comes in red right next to it !

    1. (i am using swirlymms too)
      answer this please:

      1. swirly mms is registered or trial version / cracked?

      2. you dont need to enter mms settings in it , you have to enter these settings for the network in iphone settings section, not swirlymms, did u enter these settings in the iphone settings section, and then autodetect mms settings in swirly?

  10. well u know what my bad. i just double checked i dont have swirly mms. can u exactly tell me how to do the whole thing from scratch. all i have right now is the settings in the network area and the settings for iphone.

  11. OK- getting desperate here…tried everything: Telenor APN settings same as you suggest, but cannot get the cellular data network recognised! Cant send sms or connect to any edge/gprs service (have the E symbol showing).
    I roam worldwide quite regularly, so am used to switching sims and networks. have been able to use Telenor OK previously, but this is the first time with iPhone 3gs.
    Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Is your iPhone gprs/edge is not working with telenor only?

      One reason is, that with new iphone jailbreak and unlock tools, they turn off egde from within the iPhone. Although it shows E on top, but it is not working in fact.

      Please install SBSettings via cydia or other way and enable edge from within it. Also make sure that ssh is enabled in same settings.

      Let me know if you feel any difficulty in using sbsettings or any other issue.

  12. Nabeel bhai u hv nt rplied to Sharjeel’s request. . .i also wanna know hw to activate mms on iphone using Swirly mms. . .

  13. @Ahad and @Sharjeel bro!

    I am sorry for missing his comment, @Ahad, thanks for reminding me

    You both tell me, do you have swirlymms on your iphone? (full versions not trial)

    if not, then upgrade it, and lemme know whats your firmware version? 2.2? or 3.x series?

  14. Nabeel bhai my firmware is 3.0. . . and i cud nt download swirly mms frm Cydia or itunes . . .is there any other way to get it?

  15. @Ahad, please tell me your email address so that i can get in touch with you personally. (i will remove it from here once i check it)

  16. Hey yaar, I have another question, for Warid there’s a GPRS bucket for prepaid users, let’s say I get that, it’s 10MB in 30 rupees, would it work for my iPhone?? And what do I change the settings to?? Do I still write the Apn:waif thing and what else??

    Please reply back, thanks man!!

    1. Hello Muffy,

      Regarding warid gprs bucket, they charge 10 Rupees per 10mb on my package and i don’t have to do any further settings other than usual gprs/edge settings. So just simply setup the Gprs/edge settings for iPhone with the warid Pakistan settings as provided above, and any package will work on it without any further changes.

      Regarding Data roaming: Keep it off (if you are using it inside Pakistan)

  17. if you want to browse through google and check email etc, then its not very much expensive. Browsing sites with heavy images will cost you alot and ofcourse, watching videos.

    If you are planning to use internet for videos and general browsing then get the monthly internet packages from any cellular network provider.

    1. you get 10mb for 30rs by sending msg (blank one will work too) at 3282 and you will receive a confirmation message from warid service.

  18. hey bro i have tried the settings from your website aswell as from the ufone customer help center but i just cant seem to get it working even though my iphone 3g has a mms option which gets activated when you enter proxy in mms settings my gprs is working but mms arnt can you lemme know whats wrong and if i need to use some application can you tell me where to find i’ll appreciate it !

  19. hi,, i am using blackberry .. i was wondering if i could use internet on my blackberry without activating blackberry services.. if any1 has any idea about it if it works or not?

  20. Unlike all the other people, my problem is the opposite. i can not turn the egde ‘off’ on my iphone 3gs using a telenor sim. Doesnt matter if i enter wrong apn in the settings or turn the edge off using bossprefs, my credit is still deducted everytime i open mail or any other app that uses egde. Does anyone else have the same problem? if so what is the solution?

    1. ofcourse if you open the application that uses edge your credit will be deducted!

      If you want to turn off edge on your iPhone there is a way by installing sbsettings and then turning off edge in it. (you need jailbroken iphone for that)

      1. I am using SBsettings and have the edge turned off. What happens after that is that whenever i open an application that uses edge, it will try to connect to the internet and then a msg pops up saying that the connection was unsucsessful. but still GPRS charges for one session are charged. :/

  21. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  22. hey nabeel. read alot of ur comments and of the people asking about the problems they had as well… its appreciateable… anyhow i got i phone 2g today n m kinda new to it as i have always been a nokia user… i have activated mms setting n all but mms is still not sent… i mean when i try to send it a progress bar appears on the top of the screen n b4 it is completed a red xclaimation mark appears next to the pic been which i try to send n msg appears ” msg not sent, tap to try again”

    secondly “E” sign on the top of the screen is continously on n eating my credit… how to close the application (if any is) using the gprs….

    i would appreciate if u reply to my email id.. thanx

    1. Hello Qassim,

      Regarding your mms issue, which network are you using? and:
      1. do you have mms activated on your sim?
      2. did you try sending mms from your sim using some other cell phone and it works?
      3. did you try sending mms from iphone using some other sim (which have mms activated already) ?

      Regarding the “E” sign, I will make a post about this soon and let you know how to manage applications, edge, gprs etc on your iPhone.

      1. ya i have mms already activated on my warid sim(the connection m using) and ya i did sent mms on my N82 using the same sim n tried to send the mms from iphone using my telenor sim after changing the mms settings in iphone(changed the settings accordingly for telenor) and ya one more thing, what should be the battery time for 2g on average??? thanx mate…

        1. you tried 1,2,3, what were the results? also about warid sim:
          4. can u receive mms on iphone with warid sim?
          5. you might have to set the limit of the mms image size to 100kb in the settings.

          Battery time is variable, depending upon the use of the iPhone, usual talk time is almost 2 hours, iPod time is 3-4 Hours, Standby time should be greater than 1 day.

  23. hi,
    does anyone know the gprs/edge/mms settings for ANDROID phones?
    i have a HTC dream, also known as G1, and am using ZONG network..

      1. damn yaar, i have been looking everywhere for those settings…
        this android handset is really giving me a hard time….
        am from karachi btw..
        thnx anyways…

          1. this may sound a bit weird, but i guess i’ve worked it out, its funny tht it worked!!
            i just went to the APN settings and entered ZONGINTERNET as the APN, and voila! it worked!! no username/password/proxy etc!!
            but the mms arent working this way, i guess they require a proxy or sumthin…
            share if get your hands on anything…

  24. Hi there,

    I am using i phone 3G. I tried these mms and gprs setting on my iphone but i could not connect to internet and i received the following error.

    “Safari could not connect to internet because its not connected with the internet.

    Please help.


  25. i am using 3gs with firmware 3.12 the problem i am facing is when i get message it comes with the number example +92 321xxxxxx and not with the contact name i solved it with manually way that i insert two numbers in contact like mobile no 321xxxxxxx and same contact with 2nd number like +92 321xxxxxx so it give contact name when i receive call and contact name for receiveing message also . the question is is there any other way to solve this issue becaz the people who got 500 or more contacts its a lot of time consuming job to insert manually both numbers in same contact .
    I found it that message recognizes the contact name with country code and voice call recognize it with just mobile code thnx

    1. Hello Rana,

      well yes there is this issue in iphone that the number has to be exact in order to make it show the contact name unlink other cell phones like nokia and samsung which check only last 7 digits or so of the number and match them to the contact in the list.

      There was a patch for this for the early versions of iPhone OS though. I will research about this and will update you soon :)

  26. i have gotten settings done gor iphone 3g on my iphone but i can only receive mms n cannot send at all!! why is this happening? please i need help!! its urgent!! i’m using mobilink jazz!
    thank u!!

      1. my problem got solved!!=) max image size is set to 300 but it has nothing to do with settings!!!=) its just that when u send a mms in the area where one types the no of the other person the no should be written in this manner!!

        923XX XXXXXXX!! and press the send button n the mms will be sent!!=) i hope this helps other ppl as well!!=) the settings i’m using are:

        settings> general> network> cellular data:

        APN : jazzconnect.mobilink.com
        User Name :blank
        Password : blank

        MMS :
        APN : mms.mobilink.com
        Username : mobilink
        Password : mobilink
        MMSC : http://mms/
        MMSC Proxy :
        MMS Max Message Size : 300
        MMS UA prof URL : blank

        these are verified n i am using them! just be careful with how you type the no to whom u’re sending the mms!! i repeat write it in the following manner

        923XX XXXXXXX

        and not like this
        0306 …… etc it won’t work!!!!=)

        thanks for responding!! t.c

  27. hey nabeel.. i was away for a while .. i had a question about internet on my blackberry fone with prepaid sim which i ‘ve resolved .. m good with my fone:) now the question is .. is there any posibility to send n recive mms on blackberry without blackberry services?

    1. Hello Naqash. I will appreciate if you share how you resolved your internet on blackberry issue.

      About the question if you can use mms on blackberry without black berry services, i need to check this out and will respond to you once i have some information about it.

  28. Internet on blackberry without balckberry services.
    In your blacberry phone
    go to settings>advance options>TCP settings
    according to your network gprs settings(mentioned above on the page).. save settings and you are good to go with internet on your blackberry phone.

    1. Hello Naqash, thanks for the update, but you didn’t enter anything for APN in the comment (is it blank? or same as in article above: connect.mobilinkworld.com ? )

  29. Tcp settings are going to be according to the network, lets say for ufone its gona be..


    you are good to go with internet on your blackberry .

  30. hi i m sadi i m 18years old i want to friendship any one please contact any inforamtion about *** **** contact me 0346-******

  31. Hi. Bro Im about to buy iPhone 3G. Please asure me that MMS & GPRS will work on it with Warid, ufone etc?
    Please confirm me.

  32. Hello,
    I am using iPhone 2G with 3.1.3FW. I have installed Swirly mms from cydia(Cracked version) and I am using Zong.
    The problem I am facing is that swirly sends mms fine but dosen’t receve it. I have tried every thing but it dosen’t work.
    Can any one help……..

  33. I have ativated MMS settings on my zong number on IPHONE 3gs
    but i dun want edge as all the credit finishes. coz it automatically connects to the internet.
    please tell me how to deactivate E(edge) and keep MMS working on my zong

    1. you can turn off edge when you’re not using mms using sbsettings app through cydia

      other than that, zong has internet package per month, why don’t you use it?

      do you live in Islamabad?

  34. Using a iphone is so much hassling in Pakistan, cannot find the good mobile internet provider. And the service they offer is very expensive. I activate the telenor mobile package for 5MB, it sucks all my balance. Has a same problem with zong.

  35. Set up Mobilink GPRS/Edge on my iPhone 3Gs last week and worked fine till 1:30 PM today. Been on blink since then and receiving messages like “Could not activate cellular data network” or “You are not subscribed to cellular data services”. Complained to Mobilink but please help if you can.

  36. Ignore my earlier post. Mobilink says it is a nationwide problem with their GPRS/Edge which will be rectified by EOD. Let’s hope this works; else, I will bother you again.

  37. Assalamoelaecum
    Very informative thread indeed. I am in Karachi for few weeks with my 3GS on 4.01. I have a Ufone prepaid sim with 1 month Internet only activated and paid for (no mms) still I can’t use Internet in my iPhone despite trying above settings with or without passwords etc any advice please?
    Also do u know if anyone is providing 3G in Karachi if yes what packages.

    1. ws

      The above settings should work for ufone (just confirmed)

      make sure your sim have gprs activated on it and you restart your iphone after entering the settings. Also make sure that edge is enabled in your iPhone sbsettings.

  38. Asalam u alekum
    I m using 3Gs 4.0 Version.i’m new user of iphone can u plz guide me how to use built in mms feature.

  39. hey..i just tried the iphone settings for gprs for iphone 4 4.0 version(jailbreak) and i am not able to use the internet..is it a ms4.0 problem or because iphone 4 isnt compatible? i have tried everything…would appreciate some feedback. thankyou

  40. The network im using is mobilink indigo and thr GPRS settings are not working on my iPhone 4.. It’s a 4.0 version.. The E for edge shows on the screen and my guy(the person I bought it from) says it means the set is just fine it’s the network.. Mobilink hasn’t been too helpful..’does it mean GPRS settings won’t work at all ? Do I need an upgrade or can I downgrade to a lower version on the iPhone 4.. I just bought it and if there is anything you guys can help me resolve this it would be very much appreciated. Thankyou

  41. Hi Nabeel, I got iPhone 3GS but also deducted my balance for internet unlimited package but my internet is not working, i tried your way above for Ufone but i cannot find the place where i can write the above information for activation, please help me.

    I tried this one Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network but only ON and OFF is written next to Cellular Data Network nothing else. Please Help ASAP.

  42. Asalam o Alaikum Nabeel,
    I got iphone 3G, n am using telenor services. I apply the given setting but when i open a pic to send n click on the option i got 3 options i.e. Emaail Photo, Assign to Contact n Use as wallpaper.
    how can I get that option like send as MMS etc…

  43. for iphone 3g, the upper given information i entered but still the same problem
    ( safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet)

    i really appreciate you co operation friends

  44. hey guys please help meeeeee

    i have UFONE connection………

    ……….for iphone 3g, the upper given information i entered but still the same problem
    ( safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet)

    i really appreciate you co operation friends

  45. Ufone Gprs & MMs settings for iphone 3gs version 3.1.3

    MMS Settings

    APN ufone.pmms

    MMSC: http://www.ufonemms.com:80/

    MMSC Proxy:

    MMS Max Message Size: Leave BLANK

    MMS UA Prof URL: Leave BLANK

    GPRS Settings

    APN ufone.pinternet

    Username: Leave BLANK

    Password: Leave BLANK

  46. hii i ‘ve my iphone2g nd in setings im not having APN setting pls help me?

    nd if not pls help me for VPN settings for my vodafone

  47. hello nabeel.
    good to see you that you are helping people.
    i have 3.1.3 2g.
    in cellular Data option i cant see the option of

    MMSC Proxy:

    MMS Max Message Size:

    plz tell me how can i get it.


  48. Assalam O AlaikUm !!!! NAbeeL BroDa ,,,, I Like ur Site,,,,,,,,, Dats Superb,,,,, But Unfortunately I haven’t get any Benefit from ur above given information………. I’ve iPhoNe 3G,,,,, Version 3.1.3…………… I’ve Done that all above info in Warid,Ufone nd in zOng……………. But not Get anything….. PLeasE HelP Me !!!!! I want to send Multi-Media MEssaGe To mY freiNd…….. Reply with DetaiL soon aS sOOn…. ThanK yOu……
    ALLAH NigHebAn

    1. Aftab, is gprs working properly on your device? if no then first configure it

      If yes, then try restarting your phone once you enter these settings!

      1. HI,
        I heard 2 years ago that 3g internet is coming soon but still no news about that .
        could anyone explain me how i can use iphone 3g or 4g in pakistan with high speed internet?

  49. Very intresting blog indeed.
    I have an iPhone 3G, jailbroken.
    My network is Telenor.
    My GPRS works fine but for some reason my MMS stopped working.
    NOTE: I asked the service centre to activate & guide me through the settings,they did so & it worked perfectly fine until now..
    I tried the above mentioned settings & restarted my phone as well but the MMS wouldn’t work, whereas the gprs is working absolutely fine.

  50. Nabeel

    I have iPhone 4. I am using zong. I can receive MMS but am unable to send MMS. can you resolve my problem. I have used this phone in Saudi Arabia with mobily and it worked perfect with mms.


    1. Shahbaz, try settings maximum message size

      also, try sending the same mms that you receive

      if that fails too, try sending the mms to number like this: 92333xxxxx (without + or 00 before the number)

  51. plz muje apne cel py net of karwana hai agar kisi k pas koi tareka hai to plz muje meri email py snd kr dy. Thanx. Main zong cnctn py net of karwana chati hn. Or mobile nokia c5 hai.

      1. nabeel…i hv a problem that…when i open youtube application in iphone 3g so there is a error shown that ‘cannot connect to youtube’
        While other surfing is done in google in safari …
        Can u help?

  52. Hey

    I have iphone 4, but not from pak. Can U plss tell me how iam gonna use it in pk?

    what should i do? Pls tell me from the begining. I mean where should i start. I read abt some Gevey-sim…?

    Can I just have a sim…acctl I treid with a cutting sim, but i did’nt work.

    Pls help me. Thanks.

  53. hello, i am taking a iphone 3gs to pakistan it is jailbroken and unlocked, will it work ???
    and i use alot of internet and mins what is the best carrier in pakistan i live in mirpur ?? if you can tell me thank you very much

      1. thank you very much but what isd the best mobile carrier around mirpur sides cause i use alot of mins an internet any ideas ???

        1. I’m not sure about the carrier which would be best over there.

          Infact you can confirm that from the local people there and let me know too, so that I can update it here :)

  54. AOA sir.
    im using iphone 4…and carrier ufone..how to activate gprs on it???as u said about sb settings, i did all that, but still no sign on internet. waiting :)
    and yeah nice blog. keep it up !!

    1. For which mobile network ? Well I have checked iphone 5 with ufone and you don’t need to enter any settings for internet to work though, it works automatically.

  55. I was suggested this web site via my cousin. I’m now not certain whether or not this put up is written by him as no one else know such unique about my problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

  56. hello myry pas iphone s4 hy or zong ki sim use kar raha hn but mujhy us mein free whatsup use nhi karna aa raha any body hpl me please

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