ufone mms settings for iPhone (+gprs | edge)

These settings are edited and provided and confirmed by Ahsan on MMS settings for Pakistani cellular networks. Don’t forget to restart your iPhone after entering these internet and mms settings.

Ufone Pakistan MMS Settings (for iphone and other cell phones)

APN(PREPAID): ufone.pmms
APN(POSTPAY): ufone.mms



(Username and password are blank for ufone Pakistan mms settings)

MMSC: http://www.ufonemms.com:80/

MMSC Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 512000


(mms max message size and mms ua prof url are blank for ufone Pakistan mms settings)

[it works properly on my iphone 3g os4. Make sure gprs is working before you attempt for mms]

Note: if mms don’t send properly, try reducing the size of the image and sending the mms to number like: 92333xxxx (not +92)

21 comments on “ufone mms settings for iPhone (+gprs | edge)

  1. Ya nabeel i tried with 130kb image bt it still didnt go which i downloaded frm net nd it ws in my photo gallery bcoz normal pics of cam are atleast 1 mb

  2. Hello Nabeel, I’m surprised at how there’s people like you left here anymore.. Anyway I have an iPhone 4 o.s 4.1 (Ufone), I think the camera images and screen captures etc, are all above an mb and there’s no use of mms if you have to resize the image by connecting to a computer, GPRS is working fine but I can’t send mms, the sending bar goes around 85% through and then “message sending failed”. I’m sure you understand the problem and I really appreciate what you’re doing here, especially how you reply so quick. Please help. Thanks!

    1. you don’t need to resize the images

      just confirm that you can receive mms properly

      then set the mms max message size to 512000

      also, try sending mms to : 92333xxxxxxx (without + or oo in the beginning)

      let me know if it works

      1. I tried everything you said but still the same problem. I consulted Ufone about the problem and they say that mms sending is not possible on jailbroken/software unlocked phones. This is ridiculous. Mms is something very basic and is really needed.

  3. Hi. I have iphone4 factory unlocked i have tried all the settings but nothng is working for me. Plz help me with this issue. I cnt send or receive mms. Ufone service center say u have to install a software but they did not tell me the software please help me with that i will b very thankfull to u.

  4. Current settings done by service center guy are apn is ufone.pmms and mmsc is http://www.ufonemms.com:80/ and all of the remaining feilds are empty. Before these settings i tried setting given above but they are not working for me. Even i have asked them to refresh my mms and gprs. When i send mms it stops when bar is about to end

    1. were you able to make mms work on your iPhone?

      the settings I’ve mentioned on this site are working fine for me

      make sure you’re using number as 92333xxxx (not +92)

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