Can’t find chicken vnc home button (to go back on the iphone home page)

iphone_homeWhile using chicken vnc client on macbook , mac OS-X leopard, with veency installed on iphone, i realized that i cannot find the home button on the screen of the chicken vnc client, but hey! wait, it is there, but not as a button, but as a shortcut!

The Program works perfectly otherwise, lets you control all your iphone apps from your computer, the best feature that i like was sending sms! phew! so easy to type with my laptop keyboard!

Oh, so back to the home button of chicken vnc! where is it then? well, its pretty simple! and awsome! simply right click! :) yes! right click on your chicken vnc (well technically iphone) screen, and voila! it takes u back to the homepage of your iphone!.

So pretty simple haan? play around with your iphone using veency and chicken vnc client from your macbook / mac os!

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