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How to turn off predictive text keyboard dictionary in iphone

Gone crazy with that iphone builtin predictive keyboard dictionary? correcting and annoying you with every word replacement? well there is really simple way to fix it! and stop it from bugging you!. And NO! its not by adding any new application or anything, infact apple has provided the settings in the iphone! for those who try to look for them! :)

How to turn off dictionary in iphone?

When the user uses the application which utilizes the keyboard feature, such as sms or notes application, iphone turns on auto correct predictive dictionary and fixes the mis spelled items in the text itself. However, these words can usually not be mis spelled, and / or done intentionally, to avoid message from crossing 140 letters limit, or just for the sake of typing habit!

Steps turn off predictive text keyboard dictionary in iPhone

Well the solution is relatively easy (atleast in my case! using iphone 3g, version 2.2 – 4.2.1). You don’t need to install any application or sources, or repositories, simply goto your iphone home page and follow the steps below.

1. By clicking on the settings icon on your main page of iphone 3g, you will get into the settings main page.

2. Goto General tab in the iphone settings main page and scroll down to the bottom / till you get Keyboard tab on the screen

3. Once inside the general settings tab, scroll down, to see the keyboard tab, select this to go to the keyboard related options page.

4. So, simple when you are in the keyboard settings page, just switch the auto-correction from ON to OFF and voila! it will remove that feature from the keyboard using applicaitons, which bug you with the autocorrect predictive dictionary!

Please note, you can also change the language of the dictionary, if you don’t want to disable it, but to change its language!

22 Responses to How to turn off predictive text keyboard dictionary in iphone

  1. John

    Thanks for a strightfoward, non-geek answer

    • Nabeel

      You are welcome John :)

  2. Jensen

    This is really helpful. Thanks!!

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome!

  3. Sal

    Terrific, easy … thx !!

  4. Joseph

    Many thanks for the useful info well done ! Keep it up!

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Joseph

  5. Clare

    Just the info I was looking for, thanks :-)

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Clare!

  6. Cindy

    Of course, I immediately recognized that I had been lazy, and instead of searching out the information on my touch, I just went straight to Google. I’m embarrassed to admit the laziness part, but I’m GRATEFUL to you for the basic,succinct and correct answer! I’m definitely heading for your Facebook page, and thanks!

    • Dr. Nabeel

      Glad to know that the post helped you Cindy!

      btw, replying late though – laziness from my side! ;)

  7. Alvaro

    Finally! cheers :)

  8. Zulfiqar


    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome Zulfiqar

  9. danny b

    mate – thank you so much from everyone in the UK!
    all these forums say it can’t be done – which I wouldn’t put past apple but so simple when you know how.


    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome Danny!

      glad to know that this post helped you turn off auto correct / predictive text dictionary for iPhone

  10. Hassan

    Thanks a lot. I was really irritated by predictive text input while writing in my native language. In fact I was looking for the option is Messages settings.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome hassan, yes its really irritating for non-english users to use iphones builtin predictive text dictionary

  11. haider

    thanks! it really worked on ios 6 :)

  12. Karim

    Thanks a Lot. I did it on my iphone 6 too!! Thx.

    • Nabtron

      Welcome karim! glad to know that and thanks for confirming that it works on iPhone 6 too :)

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