How to create a fan page in facebook

All people who use facebook are familiar with fan pages. Which ask you to become a fan of some thing, like some website, some person, celebrity, product, institute or location etc. And we get invitations for that too, where our friends ask us to become fan of their pages!

How to create a Facebook fan page

Well ever wondered how to make that fan page for some thing of yours, like some person, or your website, or product etc? Its pretty simple infact! but usually people are unable to find where to start with! To make it easy you can simply click here to go directly to make a new fan page on facebook, other wise if you want to know in detail and how to access this page yourself in future, and see other options, keep on reading.

Fan page is part of advertising system provided by facebook, which includes advertising, pages, lexicon, share and connect features. How to reach there? well, goto your facebook account, and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the lower most menu, you will see the link “Advertising“. Clicking on this link will take you to the main page where you can use these advertising features provided by facebook.


Clicking on this link will take you to the advertising main page where you will be given other options too like pages, advertising, lexicon, share and connect.

Once you are on the advertising page, the advertising option is selected by default.


Click on the “pages” and it will open the pages option and its details. On the pages area now, on the top right side, you will see an option to create a page. Selecting this option will take you to the next page where you can create a facebook fan page.


On the new facebook fan page creation page, you will see options like category, and name of the page etc. The Area category with its sub category is selected by default.


In my case, i needed to create a fan page for my website, nabtron, so i selected the second option from category “brand, product, or organization“. And chosed the sub category from the drop down list to “website“. You can also chose Artist, brand or public figure, if your fan page is going to be related to this category.


Fill out the remaining form, it asks below to accept that you are authorized to create this page and that to enter your full name, just enter the name that is on your main profile as in my case “Nabeel Khan“. And then continue to the next page.

This will create the facebook fan page for your website / blog (or any other thing that you are making fan page for).


Please note, that this page is not published yet! you need to goto “edit page” just below the image (having thumbnail with ? question mark currently) and it will take you to settings page, where you can edit related stuff. Make sure you click “publish this page” on the right column of this settings page.


This way it will publish your current fan page to facebook, and you can now promote it and add stuff to it etc.

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