How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

If you are using facebook for some time and are fond of using applications and giving them permission to be on your facebook wall etc, you might have noticed that they get placed at various places on your facebook wall. Some of them on the main wall page, some on the side bar, boxes, info page, and some even link as tabs in the top tab bar of the facebook profile page. You might want to remove the from there, or any other place.

In this post you will find answer to your query: How to remove tabs on facebook wall.

One option to remove facebook tabs is to simply delete the particular app, but there are other options available. We will discuss in this article how to remove the application on facebook wall / tab bar, boxes etc, and make your facebook experience better and less irritative.

First of all login to your facebook account. On your profile page, you will see any extra tab in your facebook profile page tab bar , that you want to remove.

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

You can see the extra tab in tab bar on my facebook profile page, named “are you a pirate, ninja or cowboy“, i want to keep this application on my facebook account, but not on the tab bar. So here is how we will remove it from there.

Goto top blue bar of your facebook profile page, and mouse over “settings” it will open drop down options, select “applicaiton settings” from there.

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

This will take you to the applicaitons settings page. These are the applications that you see on various places on facebook, including the wall, tabs in tab bar, side bar, boxes etc. These are the applications whose settings you need to edit in order to get rid of the tabs created by them and removing those tabs from your facebook wall. The list is not complete when the page opens, you might not be able to see the application that you wanted to remove / edit from the facebook tab bar, wall, side bar or from the boxes. Why? coz its showing some of the recently added / used applications only.To view the complete list of the applications, from the drop down on the top right of the list, select “authorized” this will show all the applications that are authorized to be on your facebook profile.

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

After getting the complete list now, find out the name of the applicaiton that you want to remove particularly from the facebook wall, tab bar, or facebook side bar, boxes etc.

Once you spot that irritating app, simply click the link “edit settings” in front of it and it will open a edit box with options.

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

This is the box for the applicaiton “are you a pirate, ninj, or cowboy” in my case. Its settings have it added in tab and info section of my facebook profile. but i want it to be remove from the tab bar area. So i will simply click “remove” in front of the tab. And it will change from remove to Available / add, because it is now removed from my facebook profile tabs.

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

So this has now removed the applicaiton from my facebook profile page tabs bar. Phew!

How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

So now this applicaiton is no more in my facebook profile tab bar. You can remove the application from boxes and info section of your facebook profile the same way!

48 comments on “How to remove tabs on facebook wall (links along with wall, info, photos, etc)

  1. This post was really helpful. I got rid of all the crap. And now my profile looks like I think it should. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi:

    Thanks for the thread. However, I’m afraid, I could not find out how to delete (if at all it can be deleted) the “Info” tab. Even the complete list of applications (using the “authorised” option) does not give the ‘Info’ tab. Any idea on it? I want to get rid of the ‘Info’ tab, as I have included all the info in another page anyway.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Imho info tab cannot be removed. However you can hide all the information provided on this page through settings on the info page itself.

  3. Yo qiero saber como puedo volver a poner la pestaña cuadros, q se me borro y nunca mas la pude activar =S

  4. Good article finally got rid of all that crap on my profile. Good job to the author on this one, it really helped!

  5. Hi Nabeel,

    Is it possible to temporarily hide tabs on facebook? By default I see about 5-6 tabs in my profile. What if I want only 2-3 tabs to show to avoid clutter and hide the others (not delete them, just hide them). Do you know if that is possible? Thanks.


    1. hello,

      the way to hide the tabs in this tutorial basically takes out the permission from that application to add tabs to your wall

      however, if you want to add them back, you can goto same page and allow it again

  6. the info was very much helpful.. I just want to know how to get rid of the “box” tab… if its possible please let me know as to how to do it… thanks

    1. you’re welcome Abhishek.

      however about the box tab, i am not sure which application posts it there. If you can give any more info about it I may produce the same tab on my profile and let you know how to remove it.

          1. Well there were few apps in it.. like links and video… when i removed it from application settings the apps went but the tab didn’t go….

          2. oh! ok!… i am not sure what might be causing it… it should remove them too :s are all boxes remaining? or how many?

  7. the other tabs have gone…just the empty box tab is still there.. or should i add some application to it and then retry to remove it… if i need to do that please tell me how do it.. thanks

  8. Hello there ~ Would you be able to please advise how to remove the ‘Boxes’ tab on one’s profile page ? Your instructions are great, but ‘Boxes” isn’t in the list as an ‘Application on Facebook’ to be edited..if it’s relevant, I also have a ‘Links’ tab that contains all the same stuff as my “Boxes’ tab. I considered just deleting the contents of the Box Tab as a way to remove the tab, but am afraid that this action would permanently delete the links from my account. Greatly appreciate your kind assistance !

  9. The article is really great and i’d like to thank the author.
    Thank you, very, very much. Thank you to all.

  10. Heyy Nabeel, how are you doin brother, thanks for this post its a life saver!! ps how to remove the wall tab from facebook, stupid facebook is always changing and i cant figure it out, please help bro!!!


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