WordPress Stats not working on new theme (GrungeMag in my case)

Today after changing the theme for the wordpress blog, i noticed that my wordpress.com stats plugin was not recording any page visits for several hours.

icon_bigI tried reinstalling the plugin and re entering the api key but it didn’t help in anyway.

Well, then how to solve it? (for the theme GrungeMag in my case) you need to add the followin code to call the footer functions in the footer.php

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Please note, it’s wp_footer and not get_footer.

Infact, this code needs to be right above the </body> tag, so just make sure where ever you place, either in the template index.php, single.php or other related files or in the footer.php (in the end) which will lead the function to be called in the end just before </body> tag.

Hope it solves the issues with many guys!

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