iPhone not charging ? – Finally solved

Couple of days ago a strange thing happened to me. My iPhone battery was depleting so i put it on charging and slept. When i woke up i was surprised to see that the iPhone was dead and the screen was blank even though the charger was connected to my macbook usb port properly but the iPhone not charging at all.

Maybe it was the iphone not charging properly due to charger problem or maybe iphone battery issue, or maybe some other issue caused my iPhone to stop charging.  Anyway i tried moving it away and put it on charging with the wall iphone not chargingsocket charger. It showed the battery cell with small red line and a power sign of charging but it remained there for hours and hours and no change in the battery charging status. Now that was creepy! So at first i started looking for various solutions online via Google but was not successful in finding any solution although some people said that some solutions worked for them.

Finally i solved it ! Yay! today! Infact right now my charger is charging up successfully while i am writing this article! On this page i will enlist some of the ways how you can get out of this iphone not charging situation. The way i solved it and the ways that worked for other people too just in case if your problem and cause was different.

If your iPhone is not charging and you want to solve it (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4), follow these troubleshooting steps. Hopefully your problem will be solved (starting from simple non costly steps and so on).

iPhone not charging – How to fix

1. Restart your iPhone if not charging

The simplest step and fixes the iphone not charging issue for most of the people.

The steps are:

  • plug in the charger
  • press home and power button for few seconds until it restarts

It might solve the issue in most cases. (didn’t work for me though!)

2. Clean your iphone charging port and retry

If the above step don’t solve your problem of iphone being dead and not charging, now it’s time to try out various ways of charging. But before that clean your charger as:

  • Blow (with air from your mouth) gently the charger wires both end.
  • Blow and clean the iPhone charger socket.
  • Blow the computer / laptop’s usb port
  • Blow clean the wall charger usb slot

Once you have cleaned your iPhone charger and all slot ends do this and check for charging:

  • Connect the iPhone via usb charger wire to your macbook / laptop / usual computer (try both usb ports)
  • If the above don’t work, connect the wall socket charger
  • Try connecting to another computer or laptop via usb port.

Also try turning off the iPhone and then charging (it helps in most cases – provided that the charger is not defected)

3. Cross test iPhone

If none of the above ways work, then finally try using your currrent charger and iPhone charger wire with some other iPhone (any friends iPhone or at the shop) to confirm that the problem is with the charger and not the iPhone.

4. Change / remove sim from your iphone

Try charging after removing the sim card or replacing it with another sim card (of some other network preferably) and see if it solves the issue.

5. Charger and charging wire of iphone

If you can’t get another iPhone to test your charger, then another alternate could be trying a new charger wire before buying a new iPhone battery or an iPhone itself!

This is how it will go:

  • Goto the shop to get a new charger, but before that, ask them to let you try it on your iPhone. You can ask them to let you use any in use charger first to confirm if the problem is with the charger wire and not the iPhone itself or its battery.
  • If you have or can try out, then find a car charger for iPhone 3G/3Gs (also works with 2G). This is the way that i tested and solved my iPhone not charging and only showing the battery cell when connected to charging. I put the the iPhone on charger with the car charger for iPhone and press home + power button which lead to full black screen from the previous battery and power sign. After some 10 minutes i pressed the power button and the Apple logo appeared! voila! :D
  • If you finally find out that the different charger is working for your iPhone, then definitely buy a nice charger and you are all good to go! (you can ask me if you need a new charger (simple or car charger for iPhone) in Pakistan (islamabad/rawalpindi specially). Can ship internationally too but might cost you abit more.

Update: One thing that i just noticed is that once the iPhone starts charging from other charger (car charger) now it also works fine with the previous supposed broken charger too! :)

You can also buy the charger from from amazon by clicking the image to the right.

6. Change the battery of iphone that’s not charging

If none of the above ways work for you, then one option is to change your iPhone battery. Please note that while doing this make sure that the person doing this is skilled in this job otherwise you will have to buy a whole new iPhone as in next step.

7. Buy a new iPhone

Self explanatory!

Hopefully your iPhone not charging and battery depleted error will be solved by these troubleshoot steps. This might not only work for iPhone ( 2G/3G and 3Gs ) but also Apple iPad and iPod.

Update: will also work for iphone 5 and iphone 6 / iphone 6 plus charger issues.

Tip: turning on iTunes while iPhone is connected sometimes gets the iPhone to start charging normally

241 comments on “iPhone not charging ? – Finally solved

  1. Hi!

    My iphone didn’t charge for over night and I was already pissed off as I search over the internet I found your website really helpful. Step 1 really did worked for me.

    1. glad to hear that you got it fixed now Ayessah.

      However this problem may arise again! so get a new charger ready with you as soon as possible to avoid any issue in future.

    2. btw, obviously you were not able to come to this page on your first query at google,

      if you can mention what keywords and phrases you used to search for your issue, that will help alot in updating the article to make it available many others who are in similar situation like you.

    3. Thank you so much….your tios were of great help

      my iphone4 was dead after i got a call although i had charged it all nite.

      just tried pressing the power and menu together n there came the apple logo..yupieeeee

      thank you so soo much:)

  2. Thanks guys! my phone did the same… i think it was completely charged by the little battery icon was red.
    I reset the phone and turned it back on and now it says FULL! so happy!

  3. aoa,

    i am glad on one hand to find ur blog in which many methods explained by you for this problem, bt on the other hand worrying that wot the shopkeeper would do with my iphone 3gs os 4.01, cuz i jst give it back to him saying wots wrong with it and solve it, :SS

    well, jst in case i would rather describe my problem here for appropriate suggestion by you, cuz my case is not 100% matching, i got my iphone 3 days ago, yesterday i have this problem, on my way back frm office my phone’s battery was at 18% i jst plugged it in wall charger and fell asleep and after 2.5 hrs i checked the phone bt it was blank, i tried to on and off bt nothing happened, tried via usb bt almost same, one strange thing the icon of battery charging was not the bolt sign bt the shoe sign or some time the bolt sign ???? wot could it be ??? pl help, another thing while plugged in to wall charger it showed charging bt not charging and keep reducing battery percentage ???? pl help… should i get it back frm shopkeeper and try the your explained methods. …pl advice….. really worried, any help much appreciated, thnx

      1. i jst got my pone back frm shopkeeper, he replaced the data cable saying

        that the problem was cable, (u also commented the same), he chkd the phone

        many time and said it is ok now (one thing the phone was without sim, does

        this matter ????)

        now i again for checking connected it to laptop via usb, at first it

        started charging but after few minutes or so, the display sign in battery

        “bolt” changed to “shoe” sign and phone wasn’t charging any more, but

        rather depleting battery…..

        i switched to wall charging, the same thing happened, first started

        charging with “bolt” sign in the battery in upper right corner then

        changed to “shoe” sign… :SS
        and phone not charging ofcourse it understand that phone is already chargd

        and jst plgd with electricity.

        i tried ur methods at sr no 1,2,3&4 (tried by shopkeeper) but didnt workd so far… pl help
        One thing more, i remember all this started after i configured the gprs settings from ufone service center…?????? also i mentioned above, shopkeeper tried different things without having sim in phone, could it be the sim issue ??

        pl help, would really appreciate ..Thanx

          1. i live in lahore, after yesterday’s post, i took out sim and try to charge and u know what, it started charging and easily increased the percentage up to 70%, i plugged it off and went outside and then came back after 3 hrs and then start browsing and playing games, the battery amazingly performed well in this scenario and only dropped to 50% with about two or more hrs of misc use (as compared to using phone with sim in it was depleting battery like jet).
            now am gonna try to use some other sim and check wot happen or try to remove the gprs settings it guess !
            will post back the result.

  4. i jst got my pone back frm shopkeeper, he replaced the data cable saying that the problem was cable, (u also commented the same), he chkd the phone many time and said it is ok now (one thing the phone was without sim, does this matter ????)

    now i again for checking connected it to laptop via usb, at first it started charging but after few minutes or so, the display sign in battery “bolt” changed to “shoe” sign and phone wasn’t charging any more, but rather depleting battery…..

    i switched to wall charging, the same thing happened, first started charging with “bolt” sign in the battery in upper right corner then changed to “shoe” sign… :SS
    and phone not charging ofcourse it understand that phone is already chargd and jst plgd with electricity.

    i tried ur methods at 1,2,3 (checked by shopkeeper) and 4 (not with car charger)..
    but didnt workd 4 me….:((((

    plzzzz help… really appreciate..thnx

  5. I have the same problem, i was trying an external battery charger with my 3gs when suddenly the screen went blank, i charged my phone initially i got the apple logo but screen goes blank everytime i plug in the charger in third attempt i didnt get apple logo but instead got the red battery and charging required logo as soon as i plugged in the charger the screen went blank ever since then when i charge my phone screen remains blank but phone gets warm i have tried resetting and connecting with computer but i tunes doesnt show the device

  6. excellent …..done the up/down four times on the silent switch, worked straight away, after a very frustrating couple of days …many thanx

  7. thank you so much!!!.. i tried all the steps it works for me..im so happy..finally my iphone is working and i can use it to the maxx…thank you so much….

  8. hi i have just bought iphone 4 and today morning my phone battery got dead and it took me couple of hour to recharge it but it didnt respond there were not signal then i got to know that my phone was ringing on the other side whenever someone call me (that should not happen) i remove my sim card but so i became normal i tryed 2 charge again but still no respond

  9. Nabeel!!! I tried step 1 first-nothing, step 2 -nothing, step 1-and then it worked. It didn’t work at first though. I left it charging and plugged into my computer and then it came on.

    Thank you so much. I was looking for help with this for 3 hours!


  10. My iphone4 stopped taking the charge i havent dropped it or got it wet but when i plug it in it shows that its charging but never actually does. I have tried all of your suggestions on the website as well as plugging it in the comp and rebooting, trying it with itunes and many other options. I had no warning it just was working fine one day and gone the next. Any ideas?????

  11. Has anybody figured out what causes the problem of the iphone not charging suddenly? Mine has had the problem 3 times in the last couple of weeks. In my case it happens at night. The problem is that when I travel I use the phone’s alarm clock which of course doesn’t work when the battery is empty.

  12. I have tried all of your suggestions on the website as well as plugging it in the comp and rebooting, trying it with itunes and many other options.

  13. Hey,
    Thanks. I panicked when my phone didn’t charge ,but googled for the issue and fortunately,landed on your site-tried step 1, the phone now works like a charm…

    What’s the theory behind step 1 ? Do you think i should take it to att ?

  14. Thanks! step1 worked for me too,
    I suspect the battery was already fully charged but miss-reporting that it was at 10%, (lasted for ages at 10%)

    upon rebooting after step1, it shows battery as 100% full. and now all is well again.

    thanks again

  15. Please help me .. my iphone has suddenly nt working.

    what happened was that i turned on airline mode and off again .And the iphone screen then just hanged . Then i waited for some time . but still home screen did not come and ohone was still hanged. then i Pressed the Power button and home button simultaneously for 30 seconds or so and then i saw apple logo . Normally the phone restarts on doing this but this time it did not. i waited for like 2-3 hours but still nothng happened. then i plugged in charger thinking battery is low .. but still it did not. now its been two days and my iphone is still not up with home screen. i dont want to loose the data and contacts . pleaseeeeeee help … ihave checked with diffeerent charger also .. all i see is the battery symbol with thin red line and lightning bolt symbol but it does nt charge and green color does not come .. and then apple logo comes .. :(((((((((((

    please helpppppppp if you can … can anyone suggest me the solution if they had faced this problem ..My iphone is iphone 3G 8 GB .

    please help :((((

    1. is it jailbroken / unlocked? or works without it?

      if you synced your iphone with itunes earlier, simply restoring it from itunes will fix it and you will get your data that was in it on last backup

  16. Ok this is very weird followed these steps:

    ?plug in the charger
    ?do updown to the silent / mute button of your iPhone four times
    ?press home and power button for few seconds until it restarts
    It might solve the issue in some cases. (didn’t work for me though!)

    and it worked a treat, only confusing thing was that before I done the above steps my battery said it was empty after I had done the above powered the phone back up it had full life happy days and thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks Nabeel,
      my phone started working when I pressed the Home & Power button together for a while…… what a relief, for a while I thought I had a dead iPhone 4 on my hands.

  17. I think I have figured out what causes my iPhone to have charging problems. It is one of the cheap aftermarket chargers I bought on e-bay. Every time I use that charger the problem happens. I have to fiddle with the phone and have been able to revive it. That charger is in the waste basket now.

  18. I had the same as Richard…followed the steps and the iphone came on fully charged after it had reset.

    What causese the battery to be misreported?

  19. Thanks NABEEL your first step worked very well for me. I was pretty worried since the same thing was happening to me (iphone not charging) and i did updown to the silent / mute button of your iPhone four times and it did work :) thanks man.

  20. For most people (those who had the first step work for them), all you really need to do is simply reboot the iPhone. As others have said, it’s simply the battery being misreported. Not sure what’s the cause for this. But always in troubleshooting, a restart if the device is always the best first suggestion.

  21. Thank you a MILLION! working so far (crossing fingers) – had problems for 2 days with the usb-itunes symbol….nothing worked, finally restored and got it tup again…now this. This phone is going to give me a heart attack :)
    It’s going on 2 years, and I think I’m going to have to get a new one :(

  22. hi,thanks so much for posting ur solutions it helped me,my iphone a few weeks ago didnt want to charge,i left it for a week off hoping that somehow it will work. the 1st day it charged on 1 of my pc’s but for 2% until it kept on dying.after a week the battery died fully so when i tried putting it on the screen remained black and never even show the lightning bolt and the cable i wanted to send it in for repairs but before i did i checked this website out so i had a usb car charger and a old usb cable from 1 of my old iphones i put the car charger on and then it charged till 5% and would’nt go futher than that so i decided to reset the phone on settings menu and now works perfect with my old usb charger and chargers well with all my pcs guess i have 2 throw out the other usb and the wall plug. maybe they had dust or something in it i dont know but thanks alot this website and ur help got my iphone working again :D..p.s my iphone when it was on 2% it never read via itunes so for u guys who are struggling like i was try the car method works the best !….

  23. Step one worked like a charm. Thanks. The battery was really charged, but it showed a uncharged battery on the screen.

  24. Thanks dude I was suffering the exact same problem until I read this and it totally helped I used step 1 and it was really a relief to see the full battery again

  25. Hi, my iphone 3g also has the same issue. the 10% red battery and the flash keep on showing up. I’ve tried step 1 until I assume it restarts, but the screen turn blank. Does the restart mean it should be until I see the apple comes out? thank you

  26. Thanks for the good blog article. My iphone4 get today same problem but now working
    thanks again Mr.Nabeel.

  27. thank you so much. Step 1 has recovered my iphone. i only have to do it 3 or 4 times, and wait for 10 minutes before i tried to restart it. now it works perfectly like before :)

  28. Hello, I have tried all options… what I am facing is:

    Initially my iphone was not gettting charged than I googled and found out that let the battery drained out completely and than charge. It worked. And my iphone was charged fully. After that it does not getting charged completely. some 20% remains always does not matter how long it is conneted to USB port. Moreover this charging works only for few calls. can say 3-4 calls each call 20-25 min. And than again goes off. Now I am not getting what I should do.

  29. Hey, I’ve tried every step with exception to changing out batteries. At first just restarting the Iphone worked perfectly, I left it to charge for a couple hours and upon return I noticed it was dead again.

    At this point the Iphone would not restart, that’s when I tried the mute up and down restart which did work. I left it charging again for another 2 hours only to find it dead again. It’s still showing the 10% flash, however when I attempt to restart it nothing happens.

    I read some of the comments and noticed someone mentioning that it may be caused by cheap aftermarket Chargers. This problem started today after plugging it into a ….cheap aftermarket charger off ebay.

    Is it possible my battery is fried from the incorrect voltage coming from the charger? I’m attempting to restart the phone however nothing is working, all I get is the 10% battery flash.

      1. I tried the car charger and nothing changed. I’m leaving to the store soon to buy a GOOD factory Apple Ipod charger to see if that corrects it.

    1. but when i plug it in (i was going to car charger trick) it tried to turn right on but then it just turns off i left it on the charger. (i did the hold the home an sleep an it restarted an went to boot up an did the same thing its still sitting on the charger now but i dont think its goin to work

        1. can a battery just crap like that or is it unlikely? I can replace that. i will see if it charges in my friends tomorrow. Any advice?

  30. It worked – thank you so much! Reset phone; apple logo appeared and just hung there. Pressed volume button down 4 times and waited. Then lo and behold the password screen appeared. I was ready to head to the Apple store today…thanks for saving me time and $$!

  31. Thanks for the tips. Actually, This happens with my CAR CHARGER and not the wall socket. LOL.

    In my case, the indicator kept blinking back and forth from the full (plug) icon to the charging (lightning bolt) icon to the half-battery icon, beeping it off. Then I’d get the “not comparable with this charging device” message.

    The first time it fixed it, I powered it all the way off and it worked. This time it didn’t work, so I held the home and off button, yadda yadda. This worked. What I really think does the trick is leaving it off several minutes before turning it back on. This was the common denominator. Well see next time.

    Thanx for he tips and research.

  32. Hello,

    You are a lifesaver, yesterday i was away and tried using some unknown charger which fits the iphone it booted up but wasn’t charging so i just switched it off and then i got back home and plugged the proper charger it wasn’t charging so i was really pissed at that but thanks to your tips it helped to get my iphone back online again ! i bow to you sir !!! for a job well done.

  33. For me none of the above is working.. when i put the phone for charge, it displays a battery with a small red line at one corned.. The symbol of the plug and the and charging icon comes and goes.. Let me know what’s to be done.

  34. hi, my iphone 3 isnt charging, its on the battery flashing red on the main screen, ive tired all the steps and hasnt done any good. I bought a iphone charger off ebay? £1. Would this be the problem? xx

  35. Thanks Nabeel !! it worked by resetting my iPhone. But honestly i didn’t know it resets by holding the power and home button for some seconds. Is there any other way as well?

  36. my phone did it again.. first time i tried all nothing works, took to a technician he opened it and changed some IC or whatever..worked fine. today when battery gets low i put it on charge it gives charging sign and but not actually charging it goes from 7% to 4% .. then plugged through USB.. it goes to 11% when i put it back to wall charger same situation(not charging) and now through its not charging again :( (though it shows charging sign) HATE IPHONE NOW ..

  37. None of this has worked for me, in fact when I plug it in it doesn’t even say that anything has even been plugged it, it can’t detect it at all. Its not the charger either, it works with all the other iPods i have tired :/ Any suggestions?

  38. Man your a life and (money saver)nothing ever to difficult i was bricking it it just wouldnt chaarge then i swapped the charger and it was fine thanks mann

  39. Following steps mentioned in one of the comments above worked for me.

    ?plug in the charger
    ?do updown to the silent / mute button of your iPhone four times
    ?press home and power button for few seconds until it restarts

  40. dude..you are ultimate bro..you have sorted out my prob…contact me on my mail..i owe u a fuckin party man…thx a ton
    c ya

  41. so happy you took time to show these simple method in getting your iphone charged, i tried the very first simple step by blowing in the ports and right there it started charging.
    thanks a million

  42. I’ve tried almost all of these other than taking it to the store. Nothing has worked. I’m pretty sure it’s not my charger, because it works for my iPod. Any suggestions?

  43. Hi, I was replacing my home button assembly on my iphone 4
    and the socket for the home button snaped out …… How do I fix this problem ??

  44. Now usually I don’t comment but the fact that you had the exact problem I typed into my search engine and solved it in less then 5 minutes mean you rock.

  45. My iphone charges with the wall charger but does not charge when conected to the computer. In fact, the computer do not recognise it at all. It wasnt so before. Have tried charging my blackberry with the same camputer and it chrges it. So pls what can i fo cos i have tried ur suggestions above

  46. i had the same problem with my iphone….this site is really helpful… no.2 worked for me.. i didnt know that i just have to clean it… the blow blow thing… ahhaha… tnx much!

  47. I was so glad to find your webpage. Step 1 did the trick. Not sure what the problem was but I almost started to freak out. Thanks so much!!!!!

  48. Haha I was freaking out, like tf my iphone is dying before my eyes. But after STEP #1 everything is back to normal. Thanks! And FYI, this was the first site listed when I searched “My iPhone isn’t charging”.

    You’re awesome! Thanks!

  49. My charger wasn’t working,
    I only just found this website and i want to try step 1 but it hasn’t had charge for a couple of days now, and the red (need to charge me) sign wont come up as there is absolutely no charge.
    How do i reset it?

  50. Hi,

    My iphone charger is very temperamental when being used on laptops (hardly ever actually charges it) but when I use my phone charger in my car cigarette lighter it charges up no problem at all.

    Any ideas?

  51. Dude you are “AWESOME”, pressing the home and power button at the same time actually worked for me. Phone is now charging and i hope this never repeats itself again even though i now know how to get it to work again.

    Thanks a lot for your tips!

  52. I don’t know how to thank you. Your blog really helped me a lot. I just tried your first instruction and its all sorted. Mine is a new Iphone 4S as well. I was proper let down. Thank you very much. Highly appreciate your help. Please post more helpful articles like this. You are good person.

  53. Thanks for your great post. I plug in my charger to either my computer or the wall and it works fine, but sometimes when I move my phone, it will stop charging and say that charging doesn’t work with this accessory or something like that. I’ve taken really good care of my charger and I don’t know why it’s doing that. Is it broken?

  54. Mr. Khan, Thanks so much for the tip …..Your first tip worked for me …. It has been just three months since I got my iphone4 and is really close to my heart as its a gift from my husband…. n when this problem occurred i was so worried …. but you saved my day :)
    I really appreciate your help.
    God Bless You

  55. wow! solution #1, and blowing on the charger fixed two of my “dead” iphones… and removing the sim card also helps. thank you so much for posting this :)

  56. soryy 2 say my iphone not work probably.i try 2 all ecpects of you reckmended. kindly help me as soon as possible.
    plzzzz give m ur cell # than i will contect you..or u can also conntect me on my cell phone # 03225514317

  57. Hi, im glad that u managed to help so many people…sadly that doesn’t include me and my iphone… my iphone 4 is 4 weeks old and the first battery issue came up after just two weeks. I tried everything on your list and finally i changed the entire battery which solved the problem. although i got the SAME PROBLEM AGAIN yesterday and now it won’t charge either.. i’ve tried different cables and everything but nothing seems to work…is the next alternative to change phone again?

    hate battery issues.


  58. I was freaking out that my iphone seemed dead but I typed (in Google) iphone not charging and your link was the 1st on the list. Step one did the trick and I am so relieved. The phone is charging now. Thank you so much!!

  59. has my phone got locked? when i plugh it to wall charger it says emergency calls only n it says to connect to itunes

    i tried all ur steps but its not helping me…


  60. Hey thanks for sharing those solutions. I was actually serching the web for another question and came accross this one. I was wondering if you know whether ipod touches and iPhones even work in Pakistan. Obviously they’ll work if they can recharge so I want to know if the wall or the computer charger I have will work there or will I have to buy one that works and is suitable in Pakistan? I am also taking my Laptop as well so if any of the two chargers (wall/ computer) that I have work, that would be great. Please reply asap because I live in Canada and will be visiting Pakistan at the end of April.

  61. Hi there,

    Thanks for the advice. What worked for me was just opening up Itunes. Once it connected to the iPhone, it started charging OK and started back up.

  62. Hi – Ive tried all the idea you have but it still does not work. The chargers work on all the other iphones that we have in the house. Ive disconnected, blown, brushed, use the car phone and everything else you suggested.

    Any ideas?

  63. Brilliant

    i took the sim card out put another one in, then replaced mine and it was a full battery all the time,, how wierd was that.

    Spooks in the system then

    Chuffed to bits

  64. my one did had the same problem i solved it by turning off my iphone and plugging the charger in it and then restarting it but not using it just leaved it for charging and when i checked it after a while it was charged and now it does charging even if i am using it

  65. Hi, Thanks,for your advice..I simply restarted and the phone started charging normally..thanks for your advice…

  66. My i5 would not totally accept the cord tip into the charging port, so it could not charge. Something was preventing tip going in. Took to local Apple guys and they removed a roll of built up lint ! ! I could not believe the size of the lint. I’ve had i5 since nov 2012, and I carry it in my jeans pocket, which is the source of the lint. This happened the next day after I landed in Germany for a vacation. Simple problem solved.

  67. At first I tried to change iPhone chargers, I tried using it in the car, on different wall outlets, with different cords, and through a computer. I tried cleaning out my iPhone by blowing through the charger connector and that didn’t work. But then I went and used a needle to gently probe the inside and got a tiny dust bunny out.. After that my iPhone started charging just fine :) Thanks for making me have this idea!

  68. My phone is having the same charging problem and now it is dead. When i plug in the cable it shows that red battery sign but cell phone does not starts, I’ve tried your solutions but they aren’t working. Help Please!

    1. have you tried changing the charging cable? or battery? (make sure you confirm properly that battery is defected before you invest on an iphone replacement battery)

  69. hy m using all of ur steps but its not workng on my iphn 4
    aftr cple of hours battery still 33% when plug off the chrgr then iphn shut it down plx hlp me worried abt it ……..

  70. my iphone has issue since last two days it charges but very slowly and does not show charging icon

  71. my iphone 5s starts and stops charging simultaneously when connected to my laptop. but it does fine with the charger connected to power supply. whats the possible issue.

    1. The problem is probably with the laptop usb port or the charger usb port itself, maybe it’s lose.

      Did you try connecting your iphone 5s with any other laptop and see if it gives the same issue?

  72. Same problum with me ,,,, i followed 1st step butt wont works :(
    My phone just stuck in low batry icon mode ,,, nothing goes on what shoul i do ,,,, cleaning charge socket and charger cable whatever nothing else bro plz sugesst me right solution

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