Remove copyright “coded by nessus” (WP Plugin)

Please note this tutorial is meant for educational purposes only and not for illegal hacking and you might need permission from the coder before removing this copyright from the plugin.

In wordpress related posts plugin (wp related posts plugin) when we enable it, it also shows a copyright text at the end of the related links with the link to the coder’s website saying:

coded by nessus

This copyright can infact easily be removed by many other plugin’s too. To do so one can easily go to:


On the wordpress plugin editor page, chose the plugin wp related posts from the top right drop down menu.

Once the plugin file loads. Look for this line of code:

<font size=”1″>coded by <a href=””>nessus</a></font>

You will find 4 places where this line is present. On line number 87, 90, 129 and 132.

If you want to remove this copyright code complete, simply delete that part of code and there will be no copyright text and link on your wordpress WP related posts plugin on every post page. If you want to edit it only and change to any other text, simply change it to whatever you want.

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