Facebook Down (in Pakistan)

I’ve been logged into facebook for some time now when i suddenly noticed that facebook server is no more loading. I tried various browsers and also other operating system but wasn’t able to open facebook.com on my computer.

In past few days, i’ve been experiencing that facebook some times open when opened as www. facebook.com but not without www and some times opposite to it happened. But today it completely went down on both the addresses, with and without www. There is no error message from the facebook server given (in Islamabad, Pakistan) today on 18th may 2010.

The ping response is working fine for facebook server.

Update: After almost 10 minutes of downtime facebook.com is up again at almost 8:09 PM Pakistan Standard Time

Update 2: Facebook is down again at 8:12 PM PST

Update 3: Facebook is up again at almost 8:14 PM PST

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