Smowtion spreading viruses possibly

I’ve been using smowtion for a couple of days now and have found it to be full of issues . . .

Today, I noticed an add saying “click here to download plugin”.

Now wait a minute. Why would smowtion allow such an ad which don’t even tell anything and is clearly disguising the visitors that they might be lacking some plugin on their computer.

Upon clicking the smowtion ad an executable file named install_flash_player.exe starts to download. I am on mac so wasn’t able to check the file by installing it personally.

I really feel sorry and disgusted that many of the visitors would have installed this virus or something from my site!

The file comes from a fake flash installer download site named

I’ve removed smowtion ads immediately! and would recommend you to remove it too! Not just because of ruining your sites authority and name by spreading virus through it, but also due to other issues.

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