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Technorati Media Ads load slow

Please note, I’m not writing this post to “Declare” that technorati ads load slow. Instead, I’ve noticed them to be loading slow for me on nabtron.com, so I wanted to share my experience and wanted to get opinions from you

Are the ads on header and sidebar loading slow for you?

Do you use technorati ads on your site and you noticed them to be slow?

Please let me know these answers.

Technorati has been kind to permit showing technorati media ads in iframe, so this way slow loading has been solved abit, as the page didn’t show the content before the header ad was loaded, but now it does.

5 Responses to Technorati Media Ads load slow

  1. reeha@gift ideas

    Thanks that slowing ads has been done however i never used this service but looking forward to adopt that.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you’re welcome reehna

      you should give them a try!

  2. Mike J

    They are damn slow.

    I had to remove them…

    • Dr. Nabeel

      same here Mike, technorati ads are too slow

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